A flight of fancy

Once upon a time
in a land where sleep is banned  
I would sit upon the telling chair  
 entrance you with a tale  
pin back your ears whilst I regale  
In that Noslumberland  
don't rub your eyes  
my precious child  
there lived a bird that could not fly  
gawky ostrich long and lanky  
and his name was Fancy
for he was mute and could not squawk  
he employed an umbrella  
so he could point  
and strut around with dignity  
to find the things he might require  
perhaps some training for a glider  
a deposit for a Turkish Carpet  
to levitate, on a rug that has no cockpit  
try to find some credibility
soar aloft like ancestors could  
not just paddle in the sticky mud  
and walk around on bony stilts  
a puppet, hear the crowd  
all laugh out loud
for he was trapped within his cage  
he fumed and glowered with great outrage  
that man could fly and he was trapped  
so a cunning plan he hatched  
just to flutter like a partridge  
the lead shot blown from the cartridge  
now do not yawn and close your eyes  
for this tale holds a surprise  
self belief high as an eagles aerie  
just to escape that life so dreary  
tunnel underneath the wire netting  
escape that park of paradise
a chance to find a brand new setting  
for next door was big top circus  
a brave idea to reach the heights  
under cover of the darkness
the brolly underneath a wing  
the hook, the end for extra purchase  
escape the bonds of trapped despair  
brave intentions clarity  
to seek the need for parity  
to become the feathered cannon  
climb in the bore with gay abandon  
and come the time to test the fuse  
be discharged into the blue  
once airborne spread ones wings and glide  
now the chance to soar  
terra firma always clamping thee  
and each deserve; a flight of fancy  
not tire in that pursuit of legacy  
just one more verse before you sleep  
float down on his open umbrella  
say the day had been quite stellar
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