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Sweet Release

Why does a world without you bring up feelings and thoughts i long to?    
Escape from your grip in the slightest sense of it
gives hope for happiness so i値l make sure of it.  

You can beat me senseless all you want man.
But you値l pay for it once you池e done and,  

I値l savor the lust for the day you値l meet the rust on this lead pipe
i値l manage to bust on your head and trust, that day will soon be there.  

So best beware. I値l take a swing so hard,
i値l look like an athlete tryin to knock it out the park.
Why did you take time to build me, while now it seems you tear it all apart?
Why did you take time to raise me, cause it seems to me you never planned this far.  

So sad this abuse is to amuse you.
Keep your thoughts away from life which you failed to.  
Never seemed bothered for taking away the future of your wife, my mother.  
I swear to god i値l smother...  

I hate you dad. For having me and failing to relate to that.  
I hate you dad. I wish i壇 never seen the light of day. So bad.  

Forgive me for this sin i知 about to commit.
Forgive me but i am done with this shit.
Forgive me it took way more than one hit.
Forgive me i watched and smiled through all of it.  

Look at you now.
On the floor eyes shut, losing vital fluid hence the huge pool of blood. For what?  

To abuse me for days on days as an exhaust for your mental rage?
Time to turn the page.  

Hey dad, right now life doesn稚 seem that bad.  
Seems like you were the issue dad.
Seems there痴 no reason for my scar tissue dad.  

Oh well, time to bring mom the good news i guess.
Time to fill the gap in her loneliness.  
God bless.  

I bet you壇 be willing to kick the stool out from beneath me.
Would take a few seconds to end my life. Nah too easy...  

You preferred to see me suffer. Use my life as a ragequit buffer.
But you see, i知 tougher.  

I値l take my leave now dad. Time to go.
Life ends for me with god痴 holy lasso.
Yeah, corny i know.  

But hey, i値l take a dad joke instead of a joke for a dad any day.  

I hope mom already forgot you dad.
So me and her only talk about nice things and the few good times we had.
Don稚 fret.  

Good times we never had.  
I hope you fucking burn in hell for that.  
I hope you fucking suffer, I really think you should.  
May the rope tighten my throat harder than you ever could.  

Written by Drieks
Published | Edited 29th Aug 2020
Author's Note
I wrote this in honor of a dear friend of mine. May she rest in peace.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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