New Girl at Church - Complete Rewrite - Honed

New Girl at Church
     Susan lifts the steaming coffee cup to her moistened lips. Her eyes are teary but it may be from the onions she just peeled.  
     Her new friend from church, Carol knocks on the door. Susan gets up and lets Carol in. Carol brushes the tears from Susan’s face.  Carol implores her, “What’s got you in such a funk girl?”  
     Susan replies, “Don forgot our anniversary. Not even a single rose to celebrate. But after church, Don goes out of his way to get coffee and donuts for a young lady to make her feel welcome because she is new to the church and not yet a member. I can’t help but be hurt to see him fawning over this chick like they are on their first date. She is so young and beautiful.”  
     Carol says, “That girl would be me. You know that makes me feel used by him.”  
     “He is embarrassed to kiss me in public.”  
     Carol replies, “I have a plan. Do you mind if I spank you while he watches to make it look real? It will be with my hand but we need to make it look worse than it really is. You just pretend like you’re getting the strap and put in a lot of moans and groans for good measure. The idea isn’t to cause you pain but rather to make him believe you are suffering. The sting will be no worse than when you take a warm bath after a mild sunburn.”  
     “I trust you as though you were my wife. If I married a woman she would be you.”  
         Carol replies, “Oh honey, you would be my bride for sure if I walked the aisle with a woman.”
     “Stay with me until Don gets home from work. Then hide in the closet while I get him ready.”  
     When Don walks in, Susan undresses him and gets out the handcuffs. She says, “You like using these don’t you, Don?”  
     Don looks like he is in seventh heaven. He lies down while Susan secures him to the bed. Carol emerges from the closet. Susan says, “Well look who is here, our friend from church, Carol. She and I were just talking about you.”  
     Carol strips Susan and tells her, “Turn around and bend over.” Susan complies. Carol tells Don, “Look at what a well-proportioned ass your wife has.” Carol grabs a handful of Susan’s posterior. “How could you flirt with me when she is built like a supermodel? And see how obediently she took my instructions with me a newbie in her life. I can only imagine what a pliant wife she is.” With a gentle tug on Susan’s ponytail, Carol guides her upright. Carol binds Susan to the cross she rented from a pro-domme shop. Carol says, “Let’s see how much you can take of me spanking your darling wife before you cry, uncle.”  
     Don pleads, “Please tell me what you want and you’ll have it.”  
     “You have to say the right words but not as a parrot. It must come from your heart.”        
     Susan exclaims, “Your sentiment is sweet but a little late Don. If only you had kissed me in the park. You must have been ashamed to kiss me in public.”  
     Don replies, “Honey you’re speaking in riddles.”        
     Carol says, “You see your wife is all tied up to the cross. She can’t budge an inch. And you are bound to the bed.”          
     Carol pats Susan on her derričre with deceptively loud sound effects. Susan yelps. She bathes in a warm soup of bliss with whimpers born of pleasure. She is surprised by how warm and tingly her bottom has become from such soft percussion and from a female.          
     Carol fibs, “Her ass is red as a strawberry Don.  
Should I keep on paddling her?” Carol dips her hand into his wife’s juicy petals. She parts her rose and squeezes her bud into plump fullness. Susan moans from pleasure. Her orchid grows slick with desire. Her mother of pearl glistens.  
     Susan implores, “Please honey. She’s serious. I will orgasm if this doesn’t stop pronto! You know I’d never willingly cheat on you but there is only so much stimulation a girl can take. And as you can see I am helpless.”  
     Carol implores, “Don, say the magic words and she will be free.”  
     “Oh my God, Carol you’re spelunking me and sweet Jesus right on my G-spot. Resistance is futile.”  
     Carol says, “Now your nether lips and the lips on your face are of one accord.”  
     Susan says, “Say something, Don. I’m so close. Don’t let her push me over the edge.”      
     Don says, “I’ll smooch with you in public like there is no tomorrow. Not just today for our anniversary but every day.”  
     Susan tells Don, “Oh Don, you did remember after all and such chivalry to honor your lady with public displays of affection. Carol, let me loose. I done got back my man.”  
    Carol exclaims, “I’m going to release you and your wife. Now that you both are free I want to see with my own eyes how much you love each other. Don, I want you to make love to Susan, right here in front of me. You two will consummate your marriage just like on your honeymoon.”  
     Don’s words wiggle for escape. “Oh please, at least look the other way. Our noises will be enough proof of our passion.”  
     Carol lays down the law. “No way buddy. I want to see the look on her face when she orgasms. Nothing less will do.”  
     Susan says, “Don, do as she says. I want this too. She is my best friend and I and I want her to see how happily married we are. You may have a bad rap as a cheater when you reach the ever hereafter. God forbid that you and Carol make it to the other side before me due to bad livers from drinking, a habit I’ve never had. When I finally reach the pearly gates she and I can witness to St. Peter that the passion we had was great enough to overcome any temptation having seen for ourselves and spring you from purgatory. Now get in the bed with me. Pretend we are in a forest at night and  
Carol is just a firefly watching us from above.”        
     Don roams between her legs and parts her pomegranate revealing the red flesh of her inside floral arrangements. Her fruit is prepared for him to take. His cock is ungovernably hard.    
     He plunges into her wetness like a tongue into Eucharistic wine. His balls throb like an apple hanging from a tree in the wind ready to fall to the ground. Suddenly his dick sings like a tuning fork.  
     Afterward, Carol has pizza and beer delivered for the three of them. Carol tells Susan that because her paddling was more of a massage she could feel knots in the muscles of Susan’s bottom. She has her stay naked so she can give her tush a rubdown.  
     After a minute of rubbing Carol laughs and says, “Don you’re her husband for Christ sakes. You need to be the one doing the kneading.”          
     The pizza delivery man arrives and they sit at the table chasing down the pizza with cold suds while laughing at the world.  
     Carol adds, “Susan shouldn’t you put on some clothes? That chair upholstery must be rough on your poor flower.”  
     Susan says, “I’ll just put a towel where I sit. Staying naked saves me some work because I sleep naked and will need a nap after that horizontal refreshment.”  
     After the gang of three gets their jollies from “Bugs Bunny” on TV Carol says, “Well I’ll leave you lovebirds for now. Save some pizza for later. Don’t stuff yourselves silly. You may get down on some funky monkey business later on.” Don hoots like a chimpanzee.  
      Susan kisses Don. She says, “Carol hatched this plot but I conspired with her. Do you spite me for making you a captive audience for our show?”  
     He says, “Naw honey, I’ll never shy away from kissing you no matter if it is in church.”  
    Susan lies down beside him on the bed. She says, “That’s great because there’s nothing I like better than pleasing my man.”
Written by goldenmyst
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