Image for the poem ~ {e}m o  t   i  o    n    s    .  .   .    . (collab with Uma)

~ {e}m o  t   i  o    n    s    .  .   .    . (collab with Uma)

To all those nights
Where one breath breaks
Stones strung between us.
In secret, we have sewn
Compasses into our shirts.

Leaving on the midnight train to euphoria
We took downtown rain taxi
To shores of lilting night boat.
Ambered sari opens as marigold
Feasted upon by hungering bees.

The little neck of sea, widened
By salted water pressure, swimming
In the space reserved for spined
Submarine, we realise we are
Only here because we never
Got the hang of time.

to all those

benumbed morbid dormancies
stuffed rigid in logjam stagnancies
in crooked mindstruck impoverished
streets of graffitied low~lying
walls of petrifyingly frozen


Dragging on cigarette corpse
Flaming lips kindle drift wood
Into beach bonfire as torch(ed)
Singer’s voice crackling in wind.

A stranger takes photographs
In his drunken dream gallery
Of Tokyo strip show
Of bone factories
Of posed couple in star lit tide -
Swept in sepia streams, heart
Seams knit a veil of protection.

bbbb rrrrr e a kkkkkk   me

in no pretty namesake creaking
impotence of petty dumbsome
freakish frequencies of cheaply
staining in incontinence
of unheard graveyards


but in

tigressively vigorous roaring upheavals
in continentally drifting~ seismic uprootings

We painted rust on the anchor
Listening to tattooed sailors
Drinking dawn whiskey.
Semaphore smoke smoulders
We do not turn back and read.

Sail away,
To city of mountains
Husked from universe core.
Verses of hills serve elpis
Cornucopia of her blood
Runs as poetry rain to clear the fog.

germinating from your exceptionally
conceptional signature foreplaying moves
of your dragonous airs on sigmoidal
serpentine waving incessant

gently rising as steaming in hot springs
from the quartzy palmyrah dehiscent
fruitions… of raining mantras & sutra
upholding still the redhot rudra
thirdeye firing torch
souling in the divine smokiness
incense of organic graininess
clouds in silken touch

In this silence held like a gun
Two continents stretch fingers,
If you listen carefully, ssshhh….
You can hear them touch.

all in the clarifying unveiling
of an acute countouring in sharpness
marginations of One, your

one & only summiting peak
these express (ion) running emulsional {e}motions

hatch out as the yolking in centric solar flare
my Everesting Sun…all I sea~ see is

our marigolden garlanding in
eternal  atomic  fissional

cosmic  fusion
Written by Strangeways_Rob
Author's Note
#ERULGCT 62. Umanoid xx 2 different styles, 1fusion. The pleasure and mine. ALL STAY SAFE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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