You Threw A Pebble Into The Stream, And The Ripple Sent A Shiver Of Delight Up My Spine

dandelion flowers hover,    
stem between fingers    
still attached    
roots singing songs    
luring minerals    
and nitrogen    
from the secret earth    
the palette    
of summer    
hopeful yellow,    
tickling azure    
and whispering white    
regenerating vibrations    
of sunshimmer    
blooming across    
exposed skin    
thundershine smile    
riding through the terrain    
like a dolphin leaping    
out of the river styx    
boundaries demolished    
by the purity of your laugh    
by the way your delicate eyebrows    
reach toward the heavens    
your eyes,    
coquettish sparklers    
stalking the entire arc    
of history    
space-time cooked    
patiently into ambrosial desserts    
which caress my tongue    
with orchestral flavor    
soaring higher    
and higher    
into the july    
an explosion    
of contentment    
secure in the realization    
that this poet's journey    
focused wholly on discovering    
your untamed spirit    
was and will always be    
an astounding success    
a tribute to    
cosmic synchronicity    
twin flames flickering audaciously    
in the sultry calm of twilight    
your mellifluous voice    
eternally ripe upon the wind    
your heart flawlessly absorbing    
even the darkest wavelengths    
of my rambunctious    
and mercurial essence    
across the universe    
there are uncountable daytime skies    
with two, three, or more suns    
filling horizons with wonderment    
and a multiplicity of moons    
that speak to each other    
in between the huddles silence of night    
now that we bathe    
in the immaculate poetry    
of shared experience    
our pasts    
coaxed into unbitter    
a fusillade    
of hope's innumerable bullets    
striking bullseye    
every time    
an archer    
splitting the arrow    
of the universe    
with the power    
of our connection    
and we grow    
with every second    
and words    
are never enough    
but focus    
for a moment    
on the flower    
in my hand    
turning sunlight    
into delicate sensations    
a boy's hair    
blowing in the wind    
a girl's heart    
beating out a thunderous applause    
the cadence    
of true love    
across the stars    
I am    
and you    
are mine    
and when I whisper    
in your ears    
that you are the most beautiful vista    
in the entire universe    
you understand    
what I mean    
and I savor the way you return    
every glint of starkiss    
from your eyes    
to mine    
and this poem    
is a flurry of snow    
blanketing an ocean consciousness    
and because of you    
I am simply letting it be    
what it is    
a dandelion bloom    
placed gently in your hair    
a gift    
for the only soulmate    
I shall ever know    
Written by veganpoet (Thomas L Goss)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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