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chaotic umbra~with the beautiful seer Sky_dancer

I saw before me, the killing fields,  
rivers of red ran like veins through the meadows.
I heard the calling of the fallen  
and whispered the mantras of passing to them
The living fear me, terrified of my face under my veil,  
the shadows hide me, the light guides from behind
my soul was stained with pollution
the heaviness of the day was upon me
the children of Nod were despondent
fainting within themselves but refusing to lay down and die
they gathered, feeding off one another
scavengers of the day eating meager offerings
their eyes hungry and dull
I gathered inside my mind and saw the coming of chaos,  
I felt the fear of all souls, crying out, and i drank it
The chalice of my heart churned their agony,  
I felt the weeping of every mother,  
I felt the hopelessness if the fathers as their children fell
the blood river rose as more helpless were swallowed
a the center a whirlwind of hate
pulling more down, down under
sucking from their soul's self-love
then spit back to shore empty
the pitiless horde watched on
pitting them one against another
crying more, more, more
I saw a great fire in the East
it burned out of control burning all in its wake
it runs as a river from corporate media
finally, I heard a great booming  
and the sky cracked open
the ancient spirits spoke wisdom to the downtrodden
the crowds gathered the children rallied
fed by the great fire they united
they would bring the giant down
The swell of time consumed all,  
into concentric cycles of knowledge
And here, we, the seers, beckon you to the safety of insight
She calls you to the dawn,  
she is Golden and i, her umbra

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
Author's Note
thank you beautiful Sky you visionary I love you ❤
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