Find me prey on the premise of presumed hostility
Classify me according to the all new prejudice
Selling a movement to frame society through the lens of a victim
When it's all relative to personal experience
Incriminating the whole based on the deeds of a former culture

Looking for a cause to justify hate languages
Writing dialogues in the code of bias filters
Your rainbow is black as the heart of your perception
Relegating everything to a matter of racial tensions or sexist assumptions

You write the law you judge me by
When your scars find everyone guilty that bears semblance to your predator
Imaginary friends are replaced by enemies
As everyone is ranked on the scales of what another finds offensive

Write me into the fiction of your cry wolf bigotry
When all we are is guilty of how we were made
Incarcerated of our flesh tones and anatomy
How can you fight for justice without a scale upon which to weigh it?
When every case made is against everyone else but always in your favor

Just finding another way to say the world owes you something
Coveting for the providence of another life based in the lies of a disadvantaged persuasion
I can't argue light with eyes in love with darkness
When you've got a master's degree in the school of your blindness

Tearing away the veil of our tolerance in righteous indignation
You play the role of the minority to squabble your entitlement and manipulate the system
Aiming to extort by way of history, hostage to misguided philosophies
For love, I will tell you the truth you will hate me for

Tell me how you rank a life that matters
Preserving the breath in our lungs through meager inconveniences of a social masquerade
Tell me how to save a life, let's start with the womb while we're at it
Talk to me about equality when you quit insisting on preferential treatment

Shock and awe, re-frame perversity by way of self-justifying recourse
Parade your pride to pave way for the same logic that calls it a matter of orientation
When sexuality is up for grabs and children are subjected to exploitation
The same means whereby you insist on the right to self corrupt
When innocence is robbed in the name of false love

Ideals of contradiction when rape is endorsed by lascivious appetites
Lay the blame on the mirror when you draw road maps for the traffic
What if I loved you enough not to flatter you to hell?
Phobia projected of your own insecurity in the stones of how you define my values
When truth stands to reason, your fear of real love is your affection set on a counterfeit...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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