Trapped!  Ending (750 wprds)

You wake up in hospital. The police came soon after your mate Simon alerted them and found you lying on the ground. The gorgeous woman had fled and the door was unlocked, so they didn’t need to force entry.  
So what exactly happened during those few days of madness?
Once you recovered, you gave a police statement.  The case went to trial and a judge ordered a Hospital Order.
That’s when you discovered a little more about the events of those few days following the party.

First, the gorgeous woman had recently left psychiatric care and was staying with an aunt who lives close to your flat. The aunt herself had psychological issues and didn’t take much notice of her niece’s behaviour.  The gorgeous woman and her aunt had a considerable stash of psychiatric drugs, including potent sedatives and hypnotics. In fact, a couple of years earlier, an investigation officer had questioned the gorgeous woman following allegations that she’d slipped a powerful sedating liquid into a friend’s drinks, but the police could not prove it.
The gorgeous woman had spent time under a supervision order as a result of embarking on several obsessive stalking campaigns, the last one revolving around her boyfriend once he finished with her (apparently, he’d found her behaviour unpredictable and frightening and felt he must terminate the relationship for his own safe and sake of mind).
On the night of the party, the gorgeous woman went online and discovered her ex-boyfriend had started a new relationship.  She headed to the local pub (about five minutes from your flat) where she began plotting how to create chaos and despair for her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.  In the pub, she met a bloke who clearly wanted to get her into bed. She went back to his place, but he quickly fell asleep drunk and snoring and she decided he was of little use to her.
During the time between leaving this man’s flat and arriving by the alleyway leading to your flat, a fight broke out off the High Road among a group of men, leading to one bloke punching another and knocking him unconscious (this man later died, as the woman described that Sunday afternoon in your flat).
When the gorgeous woman met you, she told you her boyfriend had just kicked her out and had nowhere to go  (as you remembered correctly).  You invited her in, and at some point, it appears you got a tipsy and told her about the party you’d gone to earlier, including how a drunken bloke had provoked everyone and tried to start a fight with you.  
The police think she decided to use this information to trick you or even blackmail you into helping her get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and his new-girlfriend.  Once she made the decision, she slipped something into your drink and reinvented the story of the fight she had just witnessed, making out that the provocative bloke from Simon’s party had challenged you to a fight on the High Road and that you’d killed him in self-defence.    
 At first, she probably believed she’d convinced you.  She finally turned on you, though, and injected you with a sedative before fleeing the scene. Somehow, it seems, she sensed you no longer believed her. Perhaps this occurred when you requested eggs and toast when the previous day the sight of eggs had nearly caused you to throw up. Whatever the case, she tricked you into going into the bathroom to change into a fresh set of clothes, waited for you to come out, then thrust the syringe into you, rendering you powerless until the police found you.

Anyway, you made it. You survived.  You’re back at work.  
It’s spring now and one of your mates has invited you to a barbecue.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and loads of people have come.  You feel really happy.  Yeah, life’s brilliant.
And then you see him.
The bloke from the party a few months earlier. The drunken bloke that provoked you at Simon’s and likened you to a dog.  Long hair, weird earrings.  
He’s come to the barbecue too.
So you avoid him and laugh it off. What a loser.  
But later, after a few drinks, he comes over and extends his hand.
‘Simon’s told me what happened.  Mate, I’m so sorry. I was out of order that night. I never meant to cause so much trouble. I feel really terrible about it. Will you accept my apology?’
What do you do?

The END    
Written by Lozzamus
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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