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In fantasy, he cames to me,
he takes me to his bed-chamber,
where he sagaciously eyes my every
curve, shadows dance along the
walls as I stand before him, naked
I am welcomed by
warm stroking of his fingers on my

He turns me around, his body becomes
one with mine, with his hand he brushes
my red curls, exposing
the nape of my neck,
he blows softly ~~ sending arousing quivers
through my body.

Our lips touch gently, then as our tongues
entwine I can feel the pulsating of his
masculinity. I kneel in front of him

I drink him in like a fine wine; running my
hands over his chest, gently tugging
His nipples erect. I latch my lips around
the head of his endowment,
licking the tip feather-like, just
enough to make him crazy with ecstasy.

He grabs me by my ringlets fire,
and whispers " not yet baby " he pulls
me up onto his chest, and slide
my saturated blossoming flower
down to meet his stem.

His hands cup my derrière,
he pulls me into him hard, I let
out an involuntary moan, my entire
body shuddered with the impact of
each deep, deliberate thrust.

Both now flat on the bed, his lips
and tongue danced over my breast,
stopping just long enough to kiss
and suckle my nipples erect.

As he runs his finger from my forehead
down stopping at my mouth, he sticks
his finger inside my mouth, I wrap my lips
around and give him a teasing look

he continues running his finger down,
stopping just shy of my sweet spot

as I lay vulnerable.. pliable to his
every desire, his eyes engage mine
He stood there giving me his full
attention. He winked and motioned
for me to follow, I followed him to
the bathroom he turns on the shower
allowing steam to fill the room.

as the steam caresses every inch
of our bodies, he reaches for my hand,
pulls me into him.. he runs his fingers
through my damp mussed hair, gripping
pulling my head down to meet his private eye.

I allow my tongue to lick up and down
his shaft every few seconds taking him
full in my mouth, he whispers in my ear,
telling me to touch my self.. as I do he spanks
my ass just hard enough to make me moan.
"You always know which buttons to push,"
I can feel my body about to explode.

the hot water cascading down over my
perky breasts, erect you message them
with exotic bath oils, his body leans into mine,
I can feel his pulsating private eye-caressing my
inner thigh, pressing into him, not even a piece
of paper could fit between us.

I lean forward grabbing at the shower gel, I feel
you run your fingertips softly down my spine
stopping at the small of my back, you hold
me in this position, I am yours for the
taking, you spread my legs; without any
warning you slide inside in a steady, satisfying
motion, we climax together
Written by Midnight_Rose
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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