Ten Kunoichi By WiseConscious

This may remind you of a
maybe it's just the rap ninja inside of
It is now time to reveal  
my techniques  
I was told that if I don't work  
I don't eat  
I don't count on sheep  
If the ends don't meet  
then my city will have  
drama in it's streets  
I'm a vegetarian now  
I got rid of the beef  
I am humble  
I am meek  
Emotions do run deep  
My Intel supersedes  
Everything I was taught  
I take heed  
But others walk the earth  
In lust and greed  
Their heaven is in their wealth  
They're so saturated with self  
I watch dreams become nightmares as they come true while I stare at the world through my rearview  
Objects do look closer but I can't get a clear view because I'm doing 60 mph  
on Super Duke  
The cops ain't crime fighters  
They're just crime responders  
So I am strapped with 2 Sinawali sticks and a Sharp Katana  
I move like a shinobi  
 with surprise attacks  
I am an invisible  
warrior dressed in all black  
Hit me if you want  
I will fight back  
Everyday I must practice  
my survival tactics  
I could never be an assassin  
if I got my ass kicked  
I camp out in the mountains  
I bathed in the fountains  
In unknown areas where trees    
surrounds us  
I am in tuned with the planets cusp  
my feet stays grounded in the crust  
Trying to catch me  
Is like trying to grab  
flying dust  
My secrets are solid  
I don't carry ID  
I don't own a wallet  
I'm loyal to my Earth  
and my family  
My empire is draped  
with a canopy  
I cover my tracks I don't leave  
predictable patterns  
The evidence is always burned  
and it is best to move in silence  
that's what I've learned  
I am focused by the moon  
I am balanced by the sun  
I am Ten Kunoichi  
I am 9 + 1  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Published | Edited 5th Jul 2020
Author's Note
My skills help me to defeat the demons that torment the innocent
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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