A crippled ruthless fairy (Complete)

A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.1 (Begin Fairy Tale Block)

A crippled fairy exalted in torment, banished from the lands.
A crooked walk, with broken wings, and crippled hands.
Jet black eyes like the blackholes in stories of space.
Wrinkles and cobwebs adorned their tattered face.

Long creepy brown nails almost match their height.
A slow crippling crawl on the forest ground in the night.
Little strands of hair on his head look like ancient string.
On this very occasion a set of rusty blades he would bring.


A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.2

We were both bored out of our minds that hot summer day.
I wasnít big on camping, but I gave into his pushy ways.
A spot in the woods he claims something about fairies.
Really more interested in him asking me to marry.

Cars all packed and we hit the road for a long six hour journey.
He could go way faster, but now he has his way thereís no hurry.
Rock music blaring, I played the air guitar and was hitting every chord.
Muffled through the music he tells me a story of some fairy with swords.


A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.3

his jet black eyes traced the woods as he lay camped by a tree.
Sharpening his nails, reminiscing of the past horrors of agony.
He quietly drags his crippled body closer to their sad demise.
Just like a real fairytale there is always a sinister surprise.

The campfire burns bright, laughter is heard in the distance.
Overhearing the grizzly and sad tale of his very own existence.
An exalted champion, yes indeed. A Murderer? You never know.
As he slowly draws closer, the curtains give rise to begin the show.


A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.4

This is it alone beneath the stars in the middle of nowhere.
Laughter by the fire, we were in love with no other care.
Drinking and hearing a fairy story I cuddled by his side.
Watching the mouths of the shadows opening wide.

For a brief moment the fire ceased to flicker.
Something amongst the air, much, much thicker.
The story came to a quiet halt as he gazed around.
Clenching onto his hand I hear an odd yet familiar sound.


The voice said quietly donít even think about moving, just sit still.
A random stranger with a gun in the middle of nowhere, I felt ill.
Why did we come to these woods where fairies roam?
He asked us in a whispering and frightened tone.

That's just a fable, a mere fairytale, I quietly said.
I hear the gun cock and press gently against my head.
They're coming for all of us, just you wait and see what is done.
I quietly and frantically cry as I plead with him to put down his gun.


A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.5

His black eyes pay witness to a familiar type of madness.
Crawling closer with haste, overwhelmed with sadness.
Blades in hand he nears his final approach to attack.
These three people, just how will they react?

Save the queen, that was his speciality.
Ranked high right next to the morbid dark poetry.
He watched as that gun was pressed to her head.
Listening to the whispers the gunned man had said.


With a quickness and skillful use of those two blades.
That night was the 15th queen he had ever saved.
As the gunned man fell back into the darkness.
The sadness he was able to harness.

A scream from her in utter disbelief.
He quickly places the blades in his sheath.
He lay on the ground shielding his morbid face.
I am sorry queen for saving you, I had to take his place.


A crippled ruthless fairy Pt.6 (End Fairy Tale Block)

I felt the gun lift from my head, a bang, then my ears rang out loud.
Confused and disoriented I see something amongst the clouds.
I turned just in time to see, he quietly fell back into me.
A morbid fairy tale turned into this dark poetry.

Holding the only one I ever loved and he is dead.
The emotions swirl and thicken deep inside my head.
I scream aloud for anyone or anything to please help me.
That is when I sat face to face with that frightening, lonesome fairy.


Please queen he spoke softly, carefully unshielding his face.
There was no other way for you to be possibly saved.
That was the man that nearly took my life and yours.
He witnessed the sad tears from her eyes pour.

A quiet sigh from the fairy and he announced.
I can help you even further, lay him on the ground.
Together they bear witness to a pure magic of unknown.
And that is when together they woke back up inside her home.
Written by miseryomy
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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