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a letter to Spectrums and Syndromes

We live in an age where social inclusion means everything  
Football, hoodies, your families car, are of the utter most importance  
I have had to learn to speak another language where "dope" means something other than it did in my youth and a GOAT isnt a four hooved equivalent of the devil but an actual expression.  

He is a frail ivory etherial slender elve  
Maths make him nervous though numbers not, The equivalence of decimal numbers is right there inside his questionaires though his teacher is square minded and therefore fales to see his eternal beauty. Seemingly it is of the utter least importance knowing trillion, zillion and quatrillion when an answer to a sum is written down correctly though not calculated as is instructed.  
When he is busy thinking of reptilean brains, wondering why the first people only wrote with their right hand, wondering if after the melting of polar ice it will be restored again and re connected to the internal memory of the planetary system.  
Knowing all the names of the solar system does not help when you cannot tie your shoe laces yet, when you deny having on socks because the textiles give microscopic electric reactions that upset your skin.  
Writing a five paged exhuberant essay about floating formations, with exquisit space ships, delving into giant seashells of imagionary landscapes when you are 9 does not mean anything when "in the spurr of a moment" you are just supposed to run out to the schoolgrounds when an amphlifield demon bell rings at the end of your day and the ultra sonic frequencies make your shake with fear. Murmering becomes speach and a whisper can be a scream when fireflakes of extinct brightness waltz through you.  
Noone sees you crumble to shreds when busses drive right through you. Acoustics open internal arteries. When exhaustion alters and you scream at the walls. Repeating convulsions invade your being. Intensified exorcisms begin again.  
Tomorrow the sun shines
Written by RiAN
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