Ghost Wryter

The Ghost writer begins another chapter Powered in selfmaster my eyes shine like
Smooth lights peeking from a cloud  
 I'm in tune with the footsteps from  
The movements of the crowd
They're marching towards the lights on Accord like a choir bowing down and begging to the Lord Almighty Messiah, their actions have consequences breathe in that hot fire The Two Headed Dragon has returned  
Are you ready to burn and  
Have you been taking notes on everything that you've learned?  
Or you still praising yourself for all those trophies and medals that you've earned  
Whatever you thought you'd knew about me and what I teach you were sadly mistaken  
My Lead Pencil is still loaded and  
titles are going to be taken  
Do you hear the screams piercing the atmosphere insanely comes in the wicked flames  
I can get rid of you just by writing down your Name  
On the streets they call me Killer Quote  
I am the offspring of Death Note  
Don't ever try to battle me I guarantee you will choke  
Since you want all the smoke  
I'll go all Angela Lansbury and it'll be a Murder She Wrote  
If you don't know now you know my weapons have spoke  
All I gotta do is exhale and you'll have a Stroke  
Label me a twisted dreamer I'mma turn on the heat and twist up the steamer  
And have this place looking like the House of Wax  
I could never run out of words to say I'm Too Conscious for that, big facts, but aye here's a fun fact  
I came to bring the pain hard core to the brain let's go inside my astral plane no one will be prepared for the scorching rain it's gonna be mercy cries in the distance  
I'm spitting hot ass lava on your whole existence  
And will kindly help you find your way like some lost little children as the hot air fills your lungs too so hellish for some y'all won't be able to even fathom the explosion,  
Thy Creator has withdrawn every drop of water in the deep underground  
Liquids will be  evaporated no food for thought will be found after the seventh trumpet sound your hoods will become a Ghost Town  
Right before your very eyes the evil came in disguise don't be fooled by the unwise  
It's going to hit you so fast like mustard gas and you are all going to die  
     Probably from another pandemic  
 live for every moment and don't panic  
Let this rhyme be a lesson damn it you will be judge by your possessions and your lusty obsessions be kind to the poor so you don't block your blessings  
when you thought you knew half of it psychics can no longer predict who's dying and who's sick when Armageddon swings her fists none of this will exist  
Just like if I snap my finger to wake you up out of a hypnosis  
And still you question how and why do I know all of this? I was chosen out of the Garden of Words I am one of the  
 Black Roses  
Sometimes I can spit clean and sometimes I can spit the grossest  
I'm always ready and focused too bad you didn't notice  
I hope it don't take long for you to catch on  
Death is in the midst so watch carefully who you've kissed  
Nobody's bulletproof Nobody's invincible Nobody wants to hear the truth do I even sound convincible now you're  
Point your fingers at me and getting all pissed well  
Today I'm just a substitute  
I was sent here to deliver this…  
Class will soon  
 be dismissed  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Published | Edited 2nd Jul 2020
Author's Note
Expect the unexpected...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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