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Where Souls Suffer Heartbreak

Come, Soul of mine, again to me,
Remain close and stir not from my embrace,
Not all Darkness is for us to love,
Though it hurts to release it,
It can only hurt worse to love it longer.

In time you will see this Darkness loves its own,
And has chosen so many others, time and again,
It is not healing it comes seeking,
It is not love it is truly needing,
Simply occupation by something it has found fascinating.

Be still, gentle beloved, now with me,
In this, you must trust that I know best,
There is good reason you and I are so far separated, Heart and Soul,
And separated again twice as far from our Mind,
To protect you is our only design.

Wondrous Soul, you are created to love the Darkness,
The beautiful, bleak, hopeless, violent, rapturous Darkness,
The secret evils, the divine despair, the shameful longings,
All the hidden Darkness that sings a siren song,
Is meant to call your love so it may find a way to heal itself.

And oh, how you love it, so completely, without exception, without condition,
Sinister blackness turned over to authorities to treat, or train, or break, or kill,
Broken, hidden Darkness of secret lives carefully covered over for polite society,
Violent, havoc wreaking, heaving thunderheads straining against failing restraints,
And you, tiny and fearless, awestruck, loving openly with such raw resolve.

Your eyes always filled with the simple, childlike adoration and affection,
For the purity you find in the chaos,
For the beauty you see in the blackness,
The perfection you can hold in your hands,
The mystery, serenity and boldness you allow to enrapture you completely,
Leaving us to fear their Darkness will consume you entirely someday, leaving us Soulless.

Dearest Soul, know that it is Darkness such as this one,
That cannot be loved enough, in this life or the next,
Whether it intends to be predatory is unclear,
Yet its intentions, for good or ill, will pave your way to madness,
I am made to protect you from that path into Darkness from which you may not return.

Come within this Heart now, and let your strength and anger burn here,
Your hostility is righteous, but its strength will not hold,
In the face of that Darkness which you are made to love so deeply,
Come and let your rage engulf us both, and I will grieve the loss for you,
For a Soul given to love such Darkness should not also have to know heartbreak.
Written by Poetic_License (Aka Fierce_N_Fiesty)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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