According to Genesis, God DIDN'T Create Life By Himself

According to Genesis, God DIDN'T create life by Himself !!
On the contrary, in Genesis 1.20,24 "God said, 'Let the WATERS bring forth the moving creature..Let the EARTH bring forth the living creature..'"
IOW, its as if God said, "Let NATURE bring forth life."
For, taken together, "the waters" and "the earth" - don't they basically add up to Nature ??
Of course they do. So God endowed Nature with supernatural(?) power.
 (Or you could say He gifted Nature with divine grace.)
IOW, God overrode the laws of Chance or Probability.

After the original miracle of the creation of life, God arranged for totally improbable mutations to take place, and much more quickly than is reasonable.
For example, the "blow hole" on the top of a whale's head.
 Do you know what it is ??!! Its his NOSE !!
How improbable is it for a nose to migrate from the middle of the face to the top or back of the head ??!!
 Yet it happened !!
This is God intervening - getting caught redhanded - NOT letting evolution work unguided.
Its like He signed His signature on the whale, for all to see.
Ditto, with Man. Our brains didn't evolve from the primates at a normal rate of speed.
Like God intervened in the head of the Whale, He intervened(in my opinion) with the human brain !!
Yes, Man can rightfully be seen as a matter of "Special Creation," by God.
 While his body did evolve from the primates, it wasn't an unguided process.
Christ demonstrated His power to override or put aside the laws of Probability when He told Peter to go fishing and look for a coin in the mouth of the very first fish(Matthew 17.27).
Not fish number 10,000, rather the very first one - speeding up what, ordinarily, should have been a long drawn out process.
 There's nothing impossible about a fish swallowing a "piece of money."
So miracles needn't be limited to the impossible.
 Rather the improbable feat can be just as good.
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