bread crumbs

I annoyed the white noise of the “in between”,
by steeping my breathing, and by seeming indifferent.
As the elusive energy maneuvered confused,
it missed its exit and rested congested on the axis of a spiraling fraction.
Dark matter is yelling “action” to the reenactors
practicing for the production of the big bang backwards….
And while all this is unfolding,
it appears that the hosts, or so called guardians have abandoned their posts.
Which in turn abandons most of my hopes for any assemblance of a recognizable sanity.
Not truly insane per say, but certainly beyond the boundaries of an agreed upon reality.
Its a holy calamity to say the very least,
and it seems safe to speak on the extremely high price
of prematurely sneaking a peak behind the curtains of life.
A high cost indeed,
for a carbon based lifeform rereading between the finelines of a tribunal not necessarily meant for humans.
What do you do when you land on your feet not only running,
but cutting the rug of the celestial pedestal
and wrestling with god for an answer to a question never postured.
Huh?...How do you short the circuit of a neuron insurrection?
How do you unspin the tingling nerve endings of a survivor of the flash flood,
thats dug deep into the unsleeping eurekas of an absurd multiverse,
thats dispersed amongst even the phantom particles and random articles?
How would one begin to back track after purposely scattering the path?
Perhaps, the craftwork of the magus enchanting the page,
will tame the capricious nature of an infinity trying to fit withen limits.
Maybe the supersensitized skin cells that envelope the transcriptions of everything that ever existed,
can resist the urge to merge with the bliss of dissolving at every turn,
and be a balanced vessel, testing the water yes,
but also stayin afloat long enough to mosey along the composure of the long road.
Ive known the exploding edifice and amourphous chorus for so long,
that surrendering to a structure of minutes, and weights and measures
requires a desire to meet my dire needs…at least half way.
So, as long as i awake each day as an inhabitant of a three dimensional habitat,
i will stabalize at least enough to front my way through the daily operations,of slightly evolved primates,
knowing all the while that im a child of the wild nucleus uprising.(shhh…)
Written by lightbaron
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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