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Peachy Cool Arrow

The deceiver, the usurper, the traitor and wanna be dictator
Tries to spread his lies wanting to be idolized in his throne
But the fascist punk is power drunk and wants moreÖpower
Unaware his derriere looks bigger in pampers and itís well known
This cheating Cheeto cheapens the honor of the highest office
With paranoid rants like outbursts from an emotional high school girl
No itís worse, little baby in his bunker hunkers down in a tantrum
While heís being ridiculed and laughed at by the rest of the world
Sorry, but that is not a political party, itís more of a crazy cult
They relish in hatred like hellish demons who canít be persuaded
Brainwashed is more likely the term to describe their behavior
But theyíll never believe it because they have been indoctrinated
And still the bitch likes to tend to the rich which itís so apparent  
Heís more concerned about the economy than peopleís lives
Heís no leader, heís just a puppet placed by the powers that be
Denying the science and facts while letting the nationís citizens die
He has no concern other than for himself and his rich friends
Heís fixated with ratings or what people are watching and seeing
Heís dumb, greedy and unkind but the reality of it isÖ
This man, deep down, is just not a good human being
Heís oblivious to how much the world dislikes him, maybe he doesnít care
Whatever it is, I donít give a damn so he can just drink the bleach
It sounds like us Spanish speakers are calling him a peachy cool arrow
Translation: fucking asshole, so I say it to celebrate my free speech
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 28th Jun 2020
Author's Note
For the Poetry Pride Protest Contest comp
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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