A Dangerous Woman

They say a beautiful woman can be a dangerous thing. She is pretty, and she is certainly dangerous. But thatís not what does them in. She has a sharp mind and a power with words. Her words can be intoxicating and motivating but she also knows how to use them as lethal weapons. Cutting you to the core, with eloquently wrapped truths. Leaving your mind reeling and the ground underneath you shaking.  
She is a connoisseur of words who  refuses to waste them. So if she opens her mouth, you can expect anything that comes out to be intentional and drenching with sincerity. She doesnít believe in empty words, so if you try to offer her any, be prepared to back them up. Anything lacking accuracy or authenticity will be handed back to you or shoved down your throat, of course with a few additional words of her own for you to marinate on. The punishment for the crime depends on the level of offense taken.  
Sometimes she may say nothing at all. Starving you completely of any response. Again, she doesnít like to spoil words on the undeserving or emotionally hard of hearing. You can be certain, whether she chooses to react or not, a storm is definitely brewing...
She always has the last word. Because trust me, even if the words arenít coming out of her mouth, she is speaking. And the message is undoubtedly loud and clear: you donít want to hear the words she is saving you from.  
But be grateful for her silence. Because if she still cares †about sparing your feelings that means she still harbors warm sentiments for you. Be weary the day those sentiments turn cold... there arenít many that can live through that violent hailstorm of words. Hard, cold, icy truths relentlessly pummeling your chest. Sheíll take one last disappointing look at you; shivering, soaking wet, cold spreading through your bones †and sheíll leave you there, clean up your own damn mess
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
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