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I booked a table for two in this nice little steak house, outside the Grand, for your birthday as there is no better way to celebrate your day than steak and some wine. As we sit there exchanging some long-awaited face to face time, I order our starter. Some nachos for myself and some mozzarella sticks for you, laughing and giggling whilst my hand grazes upon your inner thigh all the while above the cloth covered wooden table, I watch as you take a deep breath as your eyes begin to fill with lust. You take a mozzarella stick and begin to twirl your tongue around it, sucking on it trying to tease me which you were doing successfully, I take a sip of wine and bite my lower lip just as our main has been placed on our table the waitress looks at me with a look as she has just caught a glimpse of our future tonight from the look in your eyes.

After we finished the main, half a bottle of red down the waitress came back and asked if we wanted dessert, I took one look at you from across the table and just knew the answer was bill please, as the waitress got our bill, I let you know that I have booked a hotel for the weekend and that I have something special planned for us, as the waitress came back with our bill I paid it and left a mighty big tip then stood up walked round to your side and held your jacket for you to help you put it on before we left the restaurant and headed for the hotel which was only a few minutes’ walk from where we were.

As we get to our hotel room I take off my tie, using it to blind fold your beautiful eyes, I open the room door and take your hand leading you inside, I take your coat and ask you to stand still, whilst I hang your coat up, I walk back over to you and unzip your dress allowing it to fall to the floor, as you step outside of it, I whisper in your ear “I see you came commando”, you smiled and nodded your head. I ask you to lay flat on the bed on your stomach. As you lay on the bed, I walk over and shackle your wrists and ankles to each post of the bed as I know you like that sort of thing.

I open the mini fridge and take out the massage oil I placed in there earlier, as I begin to massage your body starting with your left leg primarily your foot, I massage the oil deep into the soul of your foot, lapping the oil around your heel and in between your toes then do the same to your right foot, leaving both your foot soft and tender. Once I finished your feet and plan to move up your legs I give my hands a quick was as I know some people have a thing about feet, as I massage the oil deep in your right leg working my way up rubbing until your leg is entirely relaxed as I get to your thigh, using both hands I massage them ever so precisely before switching to your left leg to start the process all over again, I rub the oil in your left leg starting from your thigh and working my way down this time, massaging your thighs deep and tight, caressing your skin ever so delicately working the oil in using my hands and fingers to knead it in.

Before I start on your lower back, I massage your bum cheeks hard and deep using my thumbs to massage the rims of your tight bum, whilst using my tongue to tease you a little, I wait to I hear your begin to pant before I stop and start to massage your lower back using my four finger on each hand to knead the oil deep into your love handles as my thumbs in the clock wise motion rotate and massage the base of your spine, taking my time as today is your day or night shall I say, I want it to be special. As I work up your back my thumbs constantly kneading out all those tight spots in your back, using the palms of my hand to knead in your shoulders, relaxing your whole body, I blow hot air down your neck, down your spine and in between the crevice of your soft cheeks then around the rim of your bum once more, I take some oil and rub it into my hands as I knead it into your arms as I want your entire body to be utter relaxed for the next phase in your Birthday Surprise.
I light a candle and allow the hot wax to drip off and down your back and onto your firm cheeks then down each of your thighs before allowing you to feel the material of the whip graze over your body, as I lightly whip your bum, listening to your lust filled pants and your groans pleaded for more begging for it to be harder, I loosen your ankle shackles and command you to get into the downward dog pose, as you do what I ask, I open my bag of goodies for tonight and take out a hand held vibrator as I hold it against your tender bud allowing it to swell, I use my hand guiding my cock to penetrate your bum, as I slowly slide it in, whilst starting to slowly rotate the wand. I use my other hand to slap your bum cheeks as I thrust hard but slowly using my entire body to make your thighs shudder with ever thrust as the pleasure builds I drop the wand and position my hands on your hips as I use my cock to jack hammer your tight ass, listening to your moans echo throughout the room pleading for more.

I stop and hear you say, “why did you stop, I want more”. I came round to your ear and whispered, “what you want and what your going to get is two totally different things”.

I unshackled you and turned you over, I handcuffed your hand to the rail of the bed frame. I got down between your legs and began to massage your labia with my thumbs nice and slow until your tender bud began to throb, I could feel your squirm as I stopped, “oh not again” you muttered, I smiled and rubbed my nose in between your lips before I took one whole lash with my tongue then began to lick your clitoris, at first I went fast but as time passed I began to slow down, I picked up the vibrator and slipped into your vagina as I slowly licked your clitoris in circling my tongue round and round until you let out a little ooze of orgasm then continued to lick some more as I you began to squirm a lot more I turned the vibrator to full and start to suck on your clit whilst fingering your tight ass, you let out a huge sigh of relief as your started to squirt but that didn’t stop me, I continued to devour ever inch of your aching cunt until your orgasm well had gone dry then I licked it some more just for the hell of it.

I un-cuffed your hands then got two glasses and a bottle of bubbly, as we lay there sipping on the bubbly, I asked room service to send up some vanilla ice cream and some melted chocolate with strawberries on the side, a couple minutes later the door knocked and I collected the tray from the waiter then tipped him and placed a do not disturb sign on our door, I took a spoon full of ice cream and put it on your boobs allowing it to glide down your hot body then I licked and kissed your body up the trail of the melted ice cream as I came to your nipples I drizzled them in chocolate before sucking on them until there was no chocolate in sight. Your pussy flourished in the creamy essence of your orgasmic lava, as I hand fed you strawberries.

I lay back on the bed and you took the chocolate sauce and poured it over my dick covering it then covered my balls in it also, you sucked on my balls then teased my cock licking and kissing the base before suckling on the shaft and then took my cock deep down your throat until you began to gag, you then sucked hard and fast edging me closer and closer then started caressing my balls with your hand and stroking my shaft hard and slow whilst your tongue teased my tip lapping around and around in different motions, my hands grasped the sheets hard as I tried to resist but it was futile as your technique was out of this world I began to cum, your mouth quickly over flowed with my hot sticky essence and you stood up and spat it into the sink then took some mouth wash and walked back over to me smiling, as you got on top using your left and hand to steer my cock into position as your slowly lowered your vagina down my cock before finding your pace your bum cheeks bounced off of my thighs slapping away as my cock started penetrating you deep, you grinding your soaking wet cunt down my cock, I put my arm around your waist flipping you round then placing your legs over my should as I fucked your ass with the vibrator, twisting and pumping drilling into your pussy deep then stopping flipping you over once more and fucking your pussy hard and fast wrapping my fist in your hair tugging on it as I jack hammered your dripping cunt as you start to moan loud and louder my hand gagged your mouth, you began to squirt uncontrollably until our sheets where drowning in your heavenly orgasm.

As we slowed down and I slapped your bum and told you to head into the shower as I strip the bed and put order some fresh linen from room service, as the door went again and I made the bed then joined you in the shower kissing your beautiful face, flickering our tongues off of one and other, I washed your body with a soft sponge then finger banged your dry pussy while your wanked me off and we kissed under the hot stream of water, once we got out I sat on the bed next to your present with a rose on top of gift card which read “because you deserve the world and so much more, Happy Birthday”.
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