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Image for the poem Player Two... Another Ode to Calligraphee

Player Two... Another Ode to Calligraphee

Player Two... Another Ode to Calligraphee

EYE'LL write her a letter summm to wet her crumb while playing numb; let's call son "Player One" whom is player dumb while player won gets nay 'er none until Player one gets "§LAYered!.. dONE!.. Then Player two get sum??? Future ex sex expects fuckfest success butt yet his next error jester no molest her just text terror
Due ewe know guess
Yes guest care more or less about silly games
Mask down;
Ask around eye bet he sounds "really lame"
To put it pretty plain
End same seat creep beat meat eYE'LL heat treat sew sweet she feeel Lee flames... Bye the time you reach these LEvEls we change
She hang clocks
Butt if fools want to R.i.P. script Lee bang glocks
Kick strange bricks vic it's the same rocks
Whose mad men on Madden playing like lame jocks;
Butt sad win yoU Playing yourself and the fame stop the chapter after the flame drop
Your biggest mistake is staying yourself
Know shade two your babe or else eye would name drop
Dude's rude; eye'm not trying to sound crude;
Butt he should be eating your pussy like finger food
Instead pinhead is playing Mortal Combat
While your index leaving morsel cum track
Yes eYE Play games;
Butt eye'm "Old School" like Atari
Eye pLay wild games ass in you're my game in a Safari
Sew far we established future ex bad wish youre a "bad bitxh" and he just a sad dick
You a smart babe and this rude dude playin' charades like an arcade; eye'm just a dawg chasin' the cat; hear the bark babe? Cum out the dark age of that shark cage and feel the spark babe while yal spark fade; eYE'LL get that whole end won he got the par grade now star gaze at the bar raised _eYE Set_
Car weighed eye bet fore this roadkill win that toad squeal; the chapter after eyes capture this ode quilled;
Show FROGGER since bro dog her sense he like playing games
This shining knight shining bright saying names like a snitch
He'd rather play the Sega like a bitch
"[L][I-f][E] a [B][I]t[C]h
Light the switch like musical chairs
While this muse kick all chairs wear he's sitting in width this shitting pen he can sit and spin...
WhiLE Eye have this; "Shit eating grin"
If he don't like what eye write he can quit reading pen
He should be laying Bae the benefits;
Butt dick buttkiss is playing Sega Genesis eye inK EYe think he's Benedict whose been a dick maybe his
PEN IS 😷 sick
ScEnE this pic:
How many licks before prick sticks dick in the (w(hole)..?
Uh 2 uh 3 uh fo?.?
You may be clever bro
The W🌎RLD may never know???
More Pleasure OrTreasure
he'LL ever sHOw
You might ass whale keep countin'
like you sheep countin'
He playin' you cheap; the creep clownin'
He aint deep mountin'
If it were me eye thinK EYe blink win drink sinks link syncs deep then keep pink ink flowin'
Peep ⛲ fountain
He must be mountain men
Ass end; "Broke Back"
Eye wrote that in black sew you can quote that infact...
Feel the end pact between her CONtroll[H]er
Ass eye
Console her
When sun stole her sunshine
Your kNight in silver lining kill sir rhyming
Now its fun time
Butt it's gun time
That couch potatoe


Little does he know his
Slow fate though
Bro ate snow now he's too chill
Netflix let mix
Wow she's "too real" for online dating
Your ass is width end grasp
He got you Online waiting
Debating outside the guest box
Best guess you'll cancel fool
Subscription to
SeW Eye may rub script hun
Screw Sex box
eye aint know big bad wolf butt my bic/pad
eYE Sly ass the next fox
Lust us must ink plus trust what gut just think
Wet spots
Butt while he playin' dead you lay in bed
Width both lips frownin'
He should be all over your brown skin and panty juice two drown in
Let me know win eye can cum two town when you need a Super Hero two save you from your "bLoopER ZZZer0"
Replaying Super Nintendo
eYE'LL be your "6th Man" it's not a myth mamm my bic's span further than tocks and ticks
can remove >>>see dude sea food from the mix
and win he ask we takin' the 5th stand
While your ploy
wisH Is To
Joy licK on thISS
Boy kick-started butt then
Boy quit! ..
Shit; you wet ⛲
Eye bet you forget that boy quick!..
Your future past is coy/slick
Butt that boy sick
Playing silly games width your joy pic
Now he got you hot butt
yo prop since he won't stop to cop is a "toy dick"
How many mo' chances four more romances does this boy git..?
Forgetting her benefits to reap; this creep keeps netting a pass
Instead of getting the ass
This "beep-beep" kiss deep sleep
That ass is set in the past
Ass she gyrated dehydrated
Lee sky *rated
He *outdated and *irated
See eye skated sense he see she and eye dated
Figuring 8's senSE The ploy fit
Ya' Boy "IT" like he clowning around in sewers skewered in manure
Immature insecure thin sex doer
No busted nuts on rust or dust
Anything exxxcept lust;
just screw her!..
kNOw ScrEw yoU!..

Tale that dick my Bic leethallee injected
eYE Pen the
MENSA cure

My PEN IS a geneYes win it inks cream pinks scene mess
Your bum be slanted Gumby damnit in a green dress
Bozo got you solo playing Solitaire
Two tale the truth you get no tail on a
Solid dare
He's knot the total package;
He call it "care"

Is this his rocking chair or a rocket flare
Lick this bic like a chocolatE' clair
The Loser
Abuse her
Then use her <Butt in reality his mind soft

He must not know it's your turn two play;
Well eye guess win you LEavE the nest he's gonna learn today
You wanna say a few; "Oh Gods!.."
It's your turn TO Pray🙏...

Eye'm not tryin' two throw salt on old wounds or walk on old tombs
Butt I caught that hot relationshit will be
[{cOLD soon]}
While he sad at the pad singing old tunes
Wasn't seeing win this king bring gold dunes
You don't have to enter coins win this mentor joins and eye center groins and enter loins
Censor ((((Boings)))
Sensor goings sense her cummm soul Lee's
Outwit then Out width the old; drummm role pLEasE...
Quit playin' width those cheap hoes width cheat codes
Choke his chicken end the street mode win he beat road
Or kick bricks
Stick figures it figures width stiff fingers
Score slick tricks which thick BiC bigger
Trying to reach the high score while your pussy dry more say; "Bye whore!.."
Or hey try DOoR
[Frame poster]
Lame >>poser
Blame ogre;
Shame over;
Aim (#)chauffeur(#)
Same closure
Game over!..

Leethal 6.26.2020

Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
Author's Note
In(K)spired by Calligraphee's "Player One..."
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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