Desensitize minds (Message)

Welcome back to another
Show and thanks for
Tuning in 🎬📺

It's a thin line between
A painful memory and
The conscious mind

It's a lot of negligent
Homicide going on
In the world right now

People are starving
People are dying
People are happy
People are sad
People are suicidal


What are we doing to help?
Not a damn thing!
Are you ok?
Did someone greet you with
A warm smile today?
Probably not.

Have you ever been
Used or setup?
It might as well be some
Brain splattering Carnage
Going on since no one
Cares about their children
Glued to the TV screen
Playing Fortnite…

Your Grandparents are
Eating fast food getting poisoned,
High blood pressure ,swollen ankles
And dying from covid-19
At a local nursing home


Your ex has gained an extra 120 lb and Has to rock herself out of the car to get
From the parking garage to her office Building, however while at work she sits behind a desk typing and stalking you on Instagram all-day


There's simply someone
You can share this grief on
The Most high but you don't
Even try and that's
Probably why your world
Is all messed up..

Time to unplug yourselves
These wicked devices
Have changed you
And programmed your
Mind with Lust and wishful thinking

Smart phones
Robotic sex dolls
Virtual gaming
These people have really
lost their minds

Nowadays you believe
More lies than you believe
The truth then you make
Up excuse after excuse and asked
Me Wise what am I
Supposed to do?

Change your way of thinking
You were misled into thinking that a lot
Of things on earth is worth this much Money and you'll be rich overnight
If you collect this or that item
You say it's to die for


You ain't doing nothing but hoarding
A whole bunch of garbage
To later sell in the future from
Your yard or the let-go app

Society has you all screwed up
The radiated electromagnetic frequency
And snow from the flat screen has sucked You into a poltergeist

Give up the ghost you said
You wanted my advice
The hospital is almost like
A easy form of kill it's less barbaric
And traumatizing

They can put you to sleep after you've count from 1 to 3 then you flatline __________________________
And then they just pull
The plug on you
 No more issues

See how much we have accepted death
Notice that's all we've been seeing lately Is death so they're trying to prepare you for Your own death do you want to die that Way?  Of course not

After all you were told to stay in your Homes right?  All day and all night.

Don't be afraid to go outside
I'm just saying , females getting slapped
In the face with skateboards
Cops killing people, 5G causes
Cancer, bath salts are turning people
Into zombies, telephone poles
Be collapsing trees be falling down
It's like final destination outside

Stray bullets are flying in the air
From drones you can't touch anything your running out of hand sanitizer you gotta wear a face mask some people's health is declining ,you don't know who's sick or who is well and nobody finds
Any of this disturbing?
Nope of course not
it's completely normal

Or walking late in the evening
Through the bushes down
A short cut on your way to the
Corner store only to see a body
Hanging and swinging back and
Forth from a tall ass tree

You still there???

Ok moving on
So you run into one of
The homies and he's covered
In blood, and tells you that
He accidentally shot someone

Do you? A. Help him hide the body?
              B. Anonymously call 911?
              C. Get the hell out of there?

I choose C because if I help I am
Witness and affiliated with the crime
And if I call 911 that makes me a snitch
 What would you do?

Death becomes normal
When that's all you see and
Hear on the News every day

So don't say what you might
Do because this could be
Your experience as well as it
Was mines.

On some Jordan Peel meets Stephen King type shit!

Just days ago some chick
Throws her bestie out of a
Moving car in on coming traffic
Only to discover
She gets hit moments
Later by another vehicle
Subconsciously this is
Making us " Desensitize"

It is bad and reckless
And it's taking away our
Empathy it's like we don't
Care anymore what happens
Because it's every man or woman
For themselves out here

It's a memorial on every
Corner where we live
Sometimes you just can't
Cry anymore death
Has became something


Not saying that we glorify
Death we are so close
To it of having a sixth Sense

You think that's intensed?
Just go jump off that bridge
And all your problems will be solved

Just kidding!

I still have a connection
With other humans I still feel things
The warm and the cold
The Necro and the soul


After all we still have
To remain focused
Because when death becomes him
It becomes her and it becomes us
Like a domino effect

All My Friends are Dead
Sorry for your loss
When people say things
Like that does that mean anything to you?
Or have you become
Numb and less sensitive
Like the people that run this world
They're control freaks they produce the Anger that you feel they produce the Protest they produce the hatred

They produce the rage and
The uproar in the city
And they produce the death
You complain about the cost of living
Do you have money for your funeral?

They are trying to
Desensitize you..


Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Author's Note
Get back to valuing your lives
It's other people out here who has
Really given up they don't care if you live
Or die..
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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