Temporary Ink

Love gets treated like a game
heart strings are plucked and pulled
harmonious melodies elude  
out of tune, every song the same...  
unsure where to place the blame  
Lonely, pure hearts are fooled  
yet all are forced to suit up and play  
asked to serve their heart as a gourmet buffet  
risking exposure to horseplay and soul decay  
scrambling to avoid being scorched in the flames  
But these days,  
seems ‘winning’ accomplishes nothing...  
unconvinced there’s anything of value to gain  
Is the search for love worth the pain?  
love appearing as nothing more than a soul leeching drain  
has lost its charm  
as morality and values putter  
over time,  it became  
a mishmoshed teeter totter  
of uneven give and take  
as people desire every blissful drip  
from love’s canteen  
while unwilling to give the same  
staying true to poor love hygiene  
through hell or high water  
undependable, inconsistent lovers expecting consistency  
liars crusading for honesty  
vengeful souls demanding amnesty  
fakes claiming real is rare  
allergic to authenticity  
undercover haters alleging to have your back -tried and true  
serial cheaters with ‘loyal’ tattooed upon their flesh  
false advertisers confidently backing their own trash  
What you see is never what you get  
So much heartbreak could be avoided  
loves promises left umthwarted  
If givers of love arrived  
with honest intentions from the start  
Rather than attempting to toy and gamble with another’s heart  
knowing the masquerade will inevitably fall apart  
leaving affections to turn bitter and tart  
 causing trust to quickly depart  
Still they choose to roll the dice  
assuming borrowed time will suffice  
for them to take just enough  
before their unwary love supply calls their bluff  
Promises written in invisible ink  
disappearing before the naked eye  
pen left dripping from love letters drenched in tears of betrayal, bled dry  
memories rendered to ash  
mirages of love dying in a flash  
Time and time again  
life has proven, it’s undeniably true  
loyalty is nothing more than  
a temporary tattoo
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
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