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Blended Souls


Moss continued to surf through the television stations.  
“Man, I told you that broad is nothing but trouble.”  
“Not now Darwin.”  
Moss flipped back to the current station.  
A repeat broadcast played.  
“Did you two check all the bus stations, and the airport terminal?”  
“Moss, we checked every available avenue out of the city of Baltimore.”  
“Man chill out, if Nadia really wants you, she will find a way back to you.”  
“I don’t know, especially the shit I said to her. Hell, I even compared her to Hyaline.”  
Hodge and Darwin looked at each other.  
“You fucked the woman, and then you turn around and compared her to your deceased wife.”  
“Ain’t that what the fuck I just said?”  
“Man that takes heart.”  
“Hodge, the woman wants to work after we’re married. What happened to the women who want a brotha to come and sweep them from off their feet?”  
“You asked her to marry you?”  
“Fuck yeah, the woman completes me, strangely, but she does. I know I just met her, however, it’s something about her that makes me feel like there’s a purpose in my life, other than politics, and putting up with y’all two shit.”  
“She must not complete you as you said, she’s not here.”  
“Fuck you Darwin.”  
“Man don’t take your shit out on me.”  
Moss slicked his hand back through his hair.  
“My bad, I just miss Nadia.”  
Moss stood and walked out the kitchen.  
“No offense taken,” Darwin hollered at Moss’ back.  
“Boss, I will be downstairs at the Blackjack table. You want me to bring you back a young and tender?”  
Jonathon looked at PJ.  
“If Nadia isn’t on your arm, fuck no!”  
“Sorry boss.”  
“Mr. Huntington, I’m sure Nadia is out there taking care of herself, let’s just pray, she’s still in one piece.”  
“We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you this news break.”  
PJ, Sammie and Jonathon looked over at the plasma television.  
PJ lifted the remote control and increased the volume.  
“We here at Channel 10 News have been advised that the fugitive, Rajeen Nadia Whitlow will be surrendering to the authorities. We have been given conformation that she is indeed on Flight 123. We have learned that the flight originated out of Baltimore, Maryland, and a possible stop in Memphis. It appears, the airline did not know a well-known fugitive was on board, or for that matter, the airport terminal staff never suspected anything out of the ordinary when Miss. Rajeen Whitlow boarded her flight. We will bring you more updated information as it develops.”  
“Let’s go,” Jonathon rushed out.  
PJ, Sammie, and Jonathon ran to the door.  
“Moss,” Hodge yelled out. He ran out the kitchen.  
“Yeah man.”  
“Nadia will be surrendering in Las Vegas; it’s on every news station.”  
Moss, Hodge, and Darwin ran back into the kitchen. Moss lifted the remote control, and pressed in the volume button.  
“I am here at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The scene out here is disorganized. The police have barricaded the tarmac; the only vehicles allowed, are the FBI and the local authorities. Miss. Rajeen Whitlow’s flight is due to arrive in about twenty minutes, with no delays. As you all know by now, Miss. Rajeen Nadia Whitlow is believed to be the Las Vegas Slasher, and New Orleans female serial killer. She was apprehended once in New Orleans, and fled while in the custody of two U.S. Marshals during extradition back to Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been on the run since then. A Chief Downey, from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department just recently held a press conference and stated, that Miss. Rajeen Nadia Whitlow was already in police custody. Chief Downey tried to be reached, but was unavailable for comment. We will bring you further developments once we have learned something.”  
Moss tossed the remote on the counter-top, hurried out the kitchen, and ran up the staircase.  
“I guess we’re about to hit the sky.”  
“I guess so.”  
Hodge and Darwin walked out the kitchen.  
“I guess you heard the bitch is still out there. I want this matter taken care of. The first attempt, Senator Bhindi, will be liable for, therefore, no mistakes this time. That fucking nigger Mr. Manikins, and Senator Lowden, is breathing down my back about a confession, and tomorrow, either I admit my involvement with that bitch on those tapes, or I resign. If she’s dead, then the tapes are inadmissible.”  
“Senator Klossterman, my men are well aware of this.”  
“I hope you are, because if that black book falls into the wrong persons’ hands, there will be hell to pay.”  
“Everything will be taken care of, and I will expect payment wired into my Swiss Bank account for the first thwarted attempt, and I want double that amount for the second attempt.”  
“Certainly, and I want results. That little black book has every payment, every visit, and everyone’s name in it, and who knows what else.”  
“Is your name in it sir?”  
“Dammit, high-class pussy does have its rewards, and yes, it does have its drawbacks, one; my fucking signature on a dotted line for private services.”  
“Do not worry Senator Klossterman; my men are excellent sharp shooters.”  
“Good, then come tomorrow, I will remain an upstanding senator in the eyes of my constituents.”  
“You may even get elected as president one fucking day.”  
“Make it happen.” Senator Klossterman flipped his cell phone down. He stood and stretched. “Yes.”  
“Miss Whitlow, you have to fasten your seatbelt.”  
“Thank you, and also thank you for alerting the pilot and co-pilot there is a fugitive on board.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, I must say, if you’re accused of those crimes. I will testify on your behalf that you were the nicest person who I’ve ever talked with.”  
“Thank you.”  
“Good luck.”  
“I’m going to need it.”  
The Flight Attendant walked back up the aisle.  
Nadia fastened her seatbelt. She looked out the small oval window. With each descending drop of the airplane, butterflies danced in her stomach.  
“What a stupid idea this was.”  
I remember in my military days, you never ran from the enemy, you must think of a decisive way to strike him first.”  
“I can do this Mr. Asa.”  
Nadia took a deep breath.  
The airplane wheels graced the landing strip. She saw mass police cruisers with local authorities standing near them. Several news station vehicles crammed the tarmac.  
The airplane came to a complete stop.  
Nadia peered closer out the small window. She saw Lieutenant Haines and Agent Shields awaiting her arrival.  
“Oh, my God.”  
She closed her eyes. Her palms instantly seeped with perspiration.  
“You can do this Nadia,” she whispered to herself. She reopened her eyes and took another deep breath to calm the adrenaline rush.  
The ground crew connected the exit passenger boarding steps to the airplane’s exiting door.  
Nadia pivoted her head in all directions.  
The passengers joyfully rose from his or her seat. Children eagerly stretched, as his or her parent removed their small compact luggage from the overhead compartment.  
Nadia stood. Her legs felt like jelly. She decided to let everyone exit the airplane first; she merged in a single file to the exit door.  
The Flight Attendant leaned over and whispered, “Good luck Miss. Whitlow.”  
Nadia took a deep breath, placed one foot in front of the other, and descended the exit stairs, she refused to look up. She made it to the last step and looked up.  
Agent Shields and Lieutenant Haines met her eyes.  
Cory removed his sunglasses and placed them in his suit jacket breast pocket.  
“Miss. Whitlow, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present now and during any future questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you free of charge if you wish,” Agent Shields stated.  
“I understand.”  
“How was your flight Nadia.”  
“Pleasurable, hey don’t you still owe me a dinner handsome?”  
Cory blushed.  
“Yes, if you’re innocent of these murder charges, I’ll cook it myself.”  
“A man who knows his way around the kitchen, is a man who cooks under the sheet.”  
Cory cleared his throat to hide his smile.  
“Miss. Whitlow, I need for you to hold your hands out.”  
Nadia extended her arms.  
Agent Shields gathered Nadia’s hands together in front of her and placed the handcuffs on her wrists.  
“Agent Shields, I would like Lieutenant Haines to ride with you and me.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, you are now in federal custody.”  
“I understand, but as a favor to me, please let Lieutenant Haines ride with you. I can’t run, please.”  
“I do not see a problem Agent Shields, she did call us, and I took it upon myself to contact you.”  
“Very well then.”  
Nadia was led away from the airplane.  
Several passengers looked out the glass window from inside the airport terminus. An assembly of news reporters stood in front of Camera Operators and spoke into his or her microphone.  
Thank goodness, she was not hounded with questions in the midst of her surrender she thought.  
Nadia walked past a convoy of police cruisers. Numerous police officers looked on as she was escorted to a tinted-window 4X4 black SUV.  
Agent Shields opened the door.  
“Watch your head.”  
Cory placed his palm over Nadia’s lower back as she stepped up, and positioned her person in the backseat of the FBI’s vehicle. He pushed the door close.  
Agent Shields opened the front passenger door, got in, and pulled the door close.  
Cory walked around to the other side. He pulled the door open, got in, and pulled the door close.  
The driver started the vehicle.  
Every police officer got back in his or her vehicle and followed.  
“Thank you for coming Cory.”  
Cory pivoted to look at Nadia.  
“It’s my job.”  
Nadia expected more than that. She turned to look out the window. She felt Cory’s palm on top of her thigh. She turned to look at him. He slowly caressed it, and then removed it.  
The vehicle came to a complete stop.  
“You look fairly well for a woman on the run.”  
“Thank you.”  
The light changed, the car proceeded through a green light.  
A bullet rang out.  
Nadia screamed. Agent Shields withdrew his weapon.  
“Get down.”  
Cory placed his palm over Nadia’s head and pushed her down to the seat.  
Another bullet hit one of the back tires. Several bullets followed pursuit.  
Pedestrians on the street ducked for cover.  
A spear of bullets ricocheted off the armored exterior surface of the vehicle.  
Several police officers slammed on the brakes, exited his or her police cruiser, and shielded themselves behind their car door.  
A spray of bullets hit several police cruisers, resulting in an explosion of one.  
“Shit.” Cory looked out the rear window. “Fuck.” He fumbled to lift his cell phone from out his hip clip; he flipped it open and held down a numeral button. He placed it up to his ear.  
“I have several police officers enroute to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who are engaged in a gun battle with an unknown assailant; we’re going to need backup.” He flipped his cell phone down and replaced it on his hip clip.  
“Step on it!” Agent Shields bellowed at the driver.  
The driver pressed his foot on the gas pedal.  
Several bullets bounced off the armored plated surface.  
“I’m going to die,” Nadia cried out.  
A man dressed in a black Ninja suit ran out of nowhere.  
The driver smashed his foot on the brakes.  
Everyone in the vehicle, body jolted forward.  
The driver looked up.  
The man was gone.  
“What the fuck was that!”  
Cory, Agent Shields, and the driver looked out the window in all directions.  
A loud thump startled everyone.  
Cory looked up.  
“The mothafucka is on top of the roof!”  
Cory withdrew his weapon and cocked it. He pressed a small button.  
The window automatically slid down.  
Cory stuck his hand out the window and aimed his pistol at the top of the vehicle. He fired off a round of shots.  
The assailant kicked the gun out Cory’s hand.  
“Man, hand me the fucking Taser, hurry!” Cory barked.  
Agent Shields pressed in the glove compartment door, took out the Taser gun, and handed it to Cory.  
Nadia lifted her head.  
“Nadia stay down!”  
Cory stuck his hand back out the window, aimed the Taser gun, and pressed the button to release the Taser electrical prongs.  
The man dressed in the Ninja suit, yanked the prongs from out of his thigh and kicked the Taser gun out Cory’s hand.  
“Fucking bastard, shit!”  
Cory snatched his hand back inside the vehicle.  
The perpetrator slid off the roof of the vehicle and landed on the hood. He withdrew two throwing stars and began chiseling both into the windshield. The tip of the sharp blade spiderweb-cracked the glass.  
Nadia lifted her handcuffed hands and covered both ears to the deafening sound.  
“Drive dammit, and drop this mothafucka!”  
The driver floored the gas pedal, and then hit the brakes.  
The man fell backwards and landed on his back.  
The assailant lifted his head, and reached down for a grenade strapped to his thigh.  
The driver pressed the gas pedal down and ran over the man. He shifted the gear lever in reverse, and then backed up.  
Agent Shields quickly opened the door and got out the vehicle. He crouched down and crawled over to where the man laid still. He felt for a pulse.  
Agent Shields lifted a pair of handcuffs from out his side pocket, turned the man over, and handcuffed his wrists. He dragged the man’s body back to the vehicle.  
Cory opened the door and got out. He turned to face Nadia.  
“Nadia, I’m going to need you to sit to the far side of the vehicle.”  
“Okay.” Nadia scooted to the corner of the vehicle. “Are you all right?”  
“Yes. Damn, if you were not accused of these crimes. I personally would let you nurse me.” He winked at her.  
Nadia smiled.  
Cory got in the vehicle and pivoted. He assisted Agent Shields with getting the semi-conscious man on the back passenger seat of the vehicle. Agent Shields pushed the door close, and returned to the front seat.  
“I am in front of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, waiting for the extradition of Rajeen Nadia Whitlow. We here at Channel 13 News, has learned, while enroute, a gun battle has taken place on our streets. There are several confirmed fatalities, one involving a well-known decorated veteran.”  
The crowd contained behind a blockage, begin to talk in a state of frenzy; others covered his or her mouth in sorrow.  
“I think this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.”  
“Nadia, I’m sure your lawyer is waiting for you in there, however, we have to place you under strict surveillance until we can figure out who has been sent to terminate you.”  
“Wait, my attorney is here?”  
“Yes, a Mr. Sammie Baguette.”  
“Sammie is here, are you kidding?”  
“For what we just been through, no. Mr. Huntington, and a man name PJ has accompanied him. Your attorney is very thorough in keeping you out of the system.”  
“Jonathon is here?”  
Wherever you end up. I will eventually find you.”  
Nadia remembered Jonathon’s words. A light-hearted feeling washed over her.  
“Agent Bess, use the back entrance. I think this dick is starting to come around.”  
Nadia saw Manuel and Dale standing in front of the Police Station.  
“Thank you for being here,” she whispered to herself.  
The driver parked the vehicle at the back entrance to the precinct. He turned off the ignition, withdrew the key, and unsnapped his seatbelt. He opened the door and stepped out; he pushed the door close.  
Agent Shields opened his door, got out, and closed the door. He walked to the back door and opened it. He yanked on the unidentified man’s handcuffs.  
The man stumbled out the vehicle.  
Cory scooted out the vehicle and pushed the door close. He walked to the other side and opened the door for Nadia.  
Nadia stepped out the vehicle.  
Cory closed the door back. He looked down into Nadia’s eyes.  
“Just stay calm.”  
“I’ll try, and thank you.”  
Cory captured Nadia’s eyes.  
“If only the circumstances had been different.”  
“You may want to hold that thought, and the handcuffs would just add to the intimacy.”  
“Like I said, if only the circumstances had been different.”  
Both smiled.  
Everyone walked to the entrance of the backdoor.  
Cory opened the door and held it open while everyone entered.  
“I would like to confer with my attorney.”  
“Let’s get you to a safe room, and then you can talk with your attorney.”  
“All right.”  
“Sammie, I want all charges concerning this case dropped, and if possible, today.”  
“I’ll see what I can do Mr. Huntington.”  
Cory walked to the reception area of the Police Station. He looked over in the waiting area.  
Sammie stood and walked up to the desk.  
“Mr. Baguette, your client would like to see you now.”  
“Tell Nadia, I’m out here, and yes I want her to stay. She’ll know what I’m talking about.”  
“You got it Mr. Huntington.”  
Sammie walked around the desk.  
“Chief Downey, the last press conference we had on these very same steps. You advised the American people who you have in your custody is the Las Vegas Slasher, and the New Orleans Serial Killer. Now, you want everyone here to believe you now have the person, who is responsible for these killings once again, the real Rajeen Nadia Whitlow?”  
Chief Downey cleared his throat.  
“Yes, the person who we now have in custody does indeed share similar DNA, which matches the DNA of a Miss. Rajeen Nadia Whitlow.”  
“Then Chief Downey, who is the woman who you have in custody,” Dale hollered out.  
“The woman we have in custody is a, Miss. Ragan Nadine Hemmingway, and now, a Miss. Rajeen Nadia Whitlow.”  
“Which woman is responsible for the killings,” Dale injected.  
“That is for the courts to decide.”  
“Chief Downey, isn’t it a fact, without any real evidence. By law, you cannot hold a possible suspect no longer than twenty-four hours.”  
“That is correct.”  
“Chief Downey.”  
Mayor Beckman stepped in front of the podium and covered the attached microphone.  
Chief Downey stepped back.  
Mayor Beckman uncovered the microphone.  
“No more questions, this city has an investigation we must conclude.”  
“Chief Downey...”  
Chief Downey turned and walked up the steps to the front entrance of the Police Station.  
Mayor Beckman followed.  
Nadia looked around the Interrogation Room. She rubbed over the circular reddish mark on both wrists.  
Someone twisted the doorknob.  
The door slowly opened.  
Officer Newman walked in.  
Sammie entered behind him and closed the door. He walked over to where Nadia sat.  
Nadia rose from her chair.  
Both hugged each other.  
“Thank you for being here.”  
“No worries, how you holding up?”  
“We have a lot to discuss.”  
“Yes, and I’m sorry for all the pandemonium.”  
“I’m used to it, you can have a seat.”  
Nadia sat back down.  
Sammie turned to the door.  
“I would like to confer with my client in private.”  
“I have strict instructions not to leave this room.”  
“Anything you hear and you repeat it. I will personally hold this department responsible.”  
Officer Newman nodded his head.  
Sammie pulled out a chair and sat down.  
“Nadia, after you fled from the U.S. Marshals in New Orleans. Where did you go?”  
“I roamed around in the woods, and then hitchhiked a ride.”  
“Can anyone corroborate this?”  
“No, I did not have time to get any names.”  
“Nadia, who was the man that alerted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department of your plans to surrender in Las Vegas?”  
“I met him in a coffee shop in Baltimore, Maryland.”  
“What means of transportation were utilized?”  
“I also hitched a ride over state lines.”  
“At any point on the run. Did you ever decide to turn yourself in to the authorities?”  
“Yes, however, I was afraid because of the first attempt on my life.”  
Someone knocked on the door.  
Officer Newman opened the door.  
Cory, Chief Downey, and Agent Shields walked into the Interrogation Room.  
Officer Newman closed the door back.  
Agent Shields placed his briefcase down on the table.  
“Good evening Miss. Whitlow. We have several questions we need answered.”  
“I will try my best, but any legal questions please address to my attorney.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, do you know a Miss. Ragan Nadine Hemmingway?”  
“Yes, but not in the sense you speak of. I was investigating the murders in Las Vegas, and New Orleans, upon my investigation. I came across some information that Miss. Hemmingway may have been the woman who resembles me, the same woman who is caught up in some political game of cat and mouse, and also the woman who is the real killer.”  
“Miss Whitlow, do you know who is out to kill you,” Cory asked.  
“The person of interest, who has been contracted to kill my client, may be government related.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, did you kill any government officials in the city of New Orleans, Las Vegas, or Biloxi, Mississippi,” Agent Shields inquired.  
“No sir, I have never killed anyone in my life. I stated this to Chief Hansin while in custody at the New Orleans Police Department, and I repeat myself to you Chief Downey, and to you Cory, I’m sorry, Lieutenant Haines, and you, Agent Shields, I am no murderer.”  
Nadia smiled at Cory.  
Cory smiled back.  
“Miss. Whitlow, this black book, which seems to be of a significant nature, where is it?”  
“I know I’m not in the position to bargain. Nevertheless, since we all know I’m not a killer. I will have to bargain my incarceration charges, for that piece of valuable information.”  
Sammie looked at Nadia’s side profile.  
“Miss. Whitlow, we can also book you on charges of murder,” Agent Shields slid in.  
“Gentlemen, I have overwhelming evidence that exonerates my client. The real killer is sitting behind bars. I want all charges dropped. Or yes, we will go to trial.”  
Cory looked at Chief Downey, and then looked at Agent Shields.  
Agent Shields opened his briefcase. He shifted through the files inside and removed one. He opened the file, and then lifted his head.  
“Miss. Whitlow, do you know you are a product of an identical twin.”  
“That’s rubbish.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, we checked the local database, the FBI’s database, and the database in New Orleans, Louisiana in regards to private adoptions. The information supplied to the FBI states you were adopted in the state of Louisiana, and Miss Hemmingway was adopted in the state of Louisiana. Your biological mother bore two female girls. A Rajeen Nadia Nordmeyer and a Ragan Nadine Nordmeyer. Miss Whitlow, your adoptive mother’s name was a Mrs. Myrtle J. Whitlow, her spouse, a Mr. Hackford, and Miss. Ragan Hemmingway was adopted by Senator Matthias Hemmingway, and his wife Freda Hemmingway.”  
Nadia looked at Sammie.  
“The woman who I’ve been investigating is my own sister?”  
Agent Shields placed several photographs and documents on the table.  
Nadia picked one up. She studied the picture of two infants lying side-by-side. She placed the picture back down on the table, and then picked up a photocopy of her birth certificate. She reached over and picked up another copy. She read the name of Ragan Nadine Nordmeyer. She positioned the two documents side-by-side on the table, and pivoted from one to the other.  
The same mother’s name, the same mother’s address, and the same place of birth.  
Tears rolled down Nadia’s cheeks. She wiped them away with the back of her hands. She has a twin sister who is considered a serial killer.  
“This can’t be.”  
Sammie hugged Nadia for support.  
“Nadia, I’m afraid this information is authentic.”  
“There’s not even a father’s name listed on neither birth certificate.”  
Sammie leaned over and studied the document.  
Nadia pushed the two documents and photographs across the table. She looked up at Agent Shields.  
“Agent Shields, where has this woman resided?”  
Everyone in the Interrogation Room looked at one another.  
Cory looked away.  
Nadia sniffled back her tears.  
“Miss. Whitlow, Miss. Hemmingway, have been living next door to you for over three years,” Agent Shields added.  
Nadia looked at Sammie.  
“Is he for real?”  
“Yes,” Cory pitched in.  
More tears ran down Nadia’s cheeks.  
“Can I please see her?”  
“I’m afraid not, she is considered mental unstable. Miss. Whitlow, Miss. Hemmingway was once confined to a mental institution until the age of eighteen. After her confinement, she did not resurface until three years ago in the city of New Orleans.”  
“I guess our paths somehow crossed when I was stalked by a man, when indeed it was my twin sister he assumed he was infatuated with.”  
Now the pieces were starting to fit she thought.  
“I guess that now explains all the mementos, and clothing that somehow disappeared from my home.”  
“Miss. Whitlow, I have to apologize for the misfortune of justice. However, we still have to keep you in custody. We spoke with a Dr. Leggings, and he did confirm that your sister received psychiatric counseling while she was a patient at Gourmand Institution for the mentally and criminally insane.”  
“Can I please see her, please? The woman may be deranged, but she’s still my…, my...” Nadia swallowed a lump in her throat. “Sister.”  
“I’m afraid not.”  
“Please, I will only look through the bars, pretty, pretty, please.”  
Everyone looked at each other.  
“For only a minute. After that, we talk about that black book,” Agent Shields clarified.  
Sterling mounted the steps to the entrance of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He opened the door and entered.  
Jonathon looked over at Sterling.  
“What is that bastard doing here?”  
“I can’t say boss.”  
Jonathon and PJ stood.  
Sterling looked around the Police Department. He arched his eyebrows at the unexpected presence of Jonathon.  
“Dr. Ambrose, Lieutenant Haines and Agent Shields are expecting you.”  
“In a minute.”  
Sterling walked over to where Jonathon and PJ stood.  
“I can’t say it’s good to see you again Mr. Huntington.”  
“Likewise Dr. Ambrose.”  
“I take it you’re here to see justice served.”  
“No, I’m here to take Nadia back home with me, at any and all costs.”  
“Hum, I don’t know about that, you’re not in New Orleans anymore, this is my territory, Nadia is my ass, and you will be gone just as soon as I can say, bye mothafucka.”  
Jonathon stepped forward.  
Sterling looked over at PJ.  
“PJ, you noticed how his chest muscles flexed,” Sterling stated.  
Jonathon stepped in front of Sterling’s face.  
“You do anything that jeopardizes or hinders Nadia’s return to my bed, I’ll fucking kill you.”  
“Fuck you, and your trained ape. You fuck with me; Nadia will never see the light of day again. See Mr. Huntington, I see it like this, the man with the gold makes the rules. I’m the County Coroner, and that gray-eye beauty, and this entire city is holding their breath for this piece of evidence.” Sterling held up a file that contained Nadia’s DNA, Ragan’s DNA, and several crime scene photographs. “I suggest you turn and keep stepping. Like I said, Nadia’s pussy is mine.”  
Sterling walked away from PJ and Jonathon.  
Cory joined Sterling halfway.  
“Dr. Ambrose, it’s good to see you. We’ve been waiting for that crucial piece of evidence.”  
Sterling turned and winked at PJ and Jonathon.  
“PJ, that mothafucka.”  
“I say he’s bluffing boss.”  
“And if he’s not PJ.”  
“Then Nadia will be staying in Las Vegas.”  
“Dammit, whose side are you on.”  
“Yours boss.”  
“Don’t sweat it boss, we have not talked to Sammie yet.”  
“Yeah you’re right, fuck that mothafucka.”  
Agent Shields walked Sammie, Cory, and Nadia down a long dimly lit corridor.  
“Are you sure this is what you want?”  
“Yes,” Nadia whispered. Her heart was beating so fast.  
“Miss. Hemmingway’s cell is the last one on the left.”  
Nadia took a deep breath.  
“You three will remain here for a minute.”  
“No problem, cool, all right,” all three replied.  
Agent Shields walked up to Ragan’s holding cell and banged on the bars with a set of keys.  
“Wake up Miss. Hemmingway.”  
“Fuck you.”  
Ragan rose from her bed.  
“You have a visitor.”  
“If it’s not my attorney, no I do not.”  
Nadia heard a female’s voice.  
The voice did not sound too friendly.  
Agent Shields flagged Nadia to come forward.  
Nadia held her breath and walked slowly toward Agent Shields.  
“Miss. Whitlow, this is Miss. Hemmingway.”  
Nadia looked at the woman’s turned back. Her hair was the exact shade of hers, curly, and the same length.  
“I said I do not want to see anyone.”  
Ragan turned around.  
Nadia jumped and stepped back.  
“Is this some kind of joke?”  
“No Miss. Hemmingway, this woman wanted to meet you.”  
Nadia stepped forward. She looked through the bars.  
“How the fuck do this bitch know my name?”  
“I’m…; I’m your twin sister.”  
“I do not know what games the government is playing, but this bitch should be in here, not me.”  
“Ragan, I know you may not believe me, but we were both put up for adoption as infants. I was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Hackford Whitlow, and you were adopted by Senator Hemmingway and his wife, Freda Hemmingway.”  
At the mention of Senator Hemmingway’s name, Ragan walked up to the bars.  
Two set of smoky-gray colored eyes pierced each other’s soul.  
“I’m the woman who lived next door to you, I’m the woman who the police think killed all those men, and yes, you are my twin sister. I have seen the documented evidence.”  
“Well come closer. Let me see the woman who framed me for these damn murders.”  
“I did not ki...”  
Agent Shields shook his head at Nadia to remain objective.  
“Well dammit, step forward, I do not have all fucking day.”  
Nadia stepped closer.  
Agent Shields palmed Nadia’s shoulder to remain rooted.  
“It’s okay, please.”  
Agent Shields relaxed his hand.  
Nadia stepped closer.  
Ragan stuck her hands through the space of the bars. She felt over Nadia’s facial features. She rubbed over her lips, her nose, and her eyes. She studied the exact replica of herself. She lifted a loose curl.  
“I’m so sorry Ragan; I would have loved to have had you in my life.”  
Tears slid down Ragan’s cheeks.  
Nadia lifted her hand and wiped away Ragan’s tears. She looked at the bandage at the side of her temple, and at the back of her head. She looked down at the thin welts that lined her arms, and then up at the darken discoloration beneath her eye.  
Ragan palmed Nadia’s face and pulled it against the bars. She leaned her forehead against her forehead.  
“I was the other baby in the picture that I saw in your box.”  
“Yes, I always thought the other baby was an adoptive relative.”  
Ragan inched back and looked into Nadia’s eyes.  
Nadia did not blink.  
“Miss. Whitlow, it’s time to go.”  
Ragan lifted Nadia’s hands. She placed her palms against hers, she felt over her arms. She pulled Nadia to her and hugged her through the bars.  
Nadia had no other choice, but to return the hug.  
More tears slid down Ragan’s face. She begin to weep. Ragan hugged Nadia tighter.  
“I will be here for you,” Nadia whispered.  
“It’s time to go Miss. Whitlow.”  
Ragan retained her hold on Nadia.  
“Miss. Hemmingway, it’s time to let Miss. Whitlow go.”  
Agent Shields palmed Nadia’s shoulder. He slowly peeled her away from Ragan’s embrace.  
Nadia looked at the sadness in Ragan’s face.  
“Ragan, it’s going to be all right, you’re not alone anymore.”  
Nadia wiped her own tears away. She leaned forward and kissed Ragan on her lips. She stepped back.  
Ragan smiled in peace. She grabbed Nadia’s hand.  
Nadia squeezed Ragan’s hand in return.  
Ragan held on tighter as Nadia slowly stepped back, her hand fell away.  
Nadia and Agent Shields walked away from Ragan’s holding cell.  
Both met Sammie and Cory at the door.  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 25th Jun 2020
Author's Note
A Chapter From One Of My Published Novel. I will be bringing Ragan's Chapters to the forefront .. "This is a very long chapter"

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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