Image for the poem Audeamus~ Sanctuary Of Dreams & Love... Marring The Monotony of Days & Nights

Audeamus~ Sanctuary Of Dreams & Love... Marring The Monotony of Days & Nights

the stringy~ stricken jaded &
faded lights of today’s dawn  
is further in the paling strides-
the reds of the tile right in the  
front yards,  of house nearby
are in the poorest anaemic pallor
of a screaming lifelessness-

[-the cherubic talkative sparrows  
are in the vanishing.. to a distant  
nowhere of rude fatherless lands..  
those many tiny  
here & there mushrooming offsprings  
are in an abruptive silence-  of mass  
in these heartless junkyards  
full of hardened or filmy light scattery
still stoic~ smothering bits of synthetic  
polymers in suffocating covers over her
freely breathing earthen skins..  
the nights...  
mysteriously come with n-hidden riders  
of the lusciously silken & winking wet  
darkly viscous stirring folds & pools  
of voluptuousness..  
their luminous windows  
of- purplish & peachy complexions, are  
the symbolic derivings from the clocking  
daily- the indigosh blues & vermilion suns  
in corrected thresholds of some diluted  
undoubting moderations cast themselves  
in just simplistic pastel touch-ups...
to the focussing  
eyes of floodlights- those at releasing ease surpasses  
& goes well beyond the looming veils of cryptic darkness  
blanket~ nights..  
& survives furthermore..  
defeating the inevitably forthcoming dried up toxic  
dawns of harmoneless inorganics...  (a)mounting to  
the now virally gone pathetically pathogenic  
lockdown syndrome..

the lonely cuckoo..  
atop burning branchlets of the dying trees  
in fuming rages of a reddening incandescence  
over the cursed mountains.. sings for once its  
classical melancholy.. to the no one  

yet but, the hope  
as heavens of petrichoric~ instilled peacockish  
minds of the lastly forests… boom in loony tilting  
sways-   their flexing swannecks & the ushering  
sudden umbrellaic feathery locks in an unfurling  
canvas of a Ravi Varman’s epic, comes  
magically alive.. both  
the (k)nightly elegiac blues & the oriental  
bleeding skies of drippy dawns in still (un)cut  
fleshy umbilical strings in frequencies of the  
cosmic womb, chanting the sacred  
om~ aum
there are no more, even  
the hints of, greyly gathering clouded tints.. of  
either an ever in occurence.. the ill~ fated twilights  
of stubbornly undissolving yearns with a blinding  
fogginess~ a thickly minded smoggy haze  ..or the  
borderlessly in an eating battle, the choking  
avalanche of heavily fallen lumpy  
a newly formative universe  
in colours of love & dreams...
..a mini~ teaser preview  
runs now in bright emerald lakelike of a created Colombian  
Guatape peninsulars... stitching closely together the very  
forgotten non-fictitious islands back to the One
awaiting Earth again..

#55  #ERULGCT  

Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
#55 #ERULGCT a mishmash of dreams & hope .. all in Love & Love Only.. survives Us, This Earth & Home .. in a poetic soulful newness as ever... Lets Love the Love in All Love .. Love is the Utmost Truth & Vibrant REvolution in Freedom Ev.. Robonoid . Love You & Du xx

Pic: Web. 'Adiemus" , a Jaanika Talts Art
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