FFS Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day David

Thank you, David

So How was your Day

Oh it was a fantastic time

It was?

Yes! texts, phone calls, a card and parcelled gifts

Did you have A Special dinner?

yes, Steak and all the trimings

Any cake David/

Chocolate cake and ice cream of course

Bet you had a few shots

yup a few spiced rums

A real party atmosphere of celebration?

Erm,....... Not really

Oh! Why not really?

Well what I got may surprise you:
I got 3 texts one from Pizza Hut and 2 from my bank
A card put through my door from the power company
I got a phone call from the Health centre about test results
and a phone call from my housing manager
I got 2 parcelled gifts from Mr Amazon
A new set of headphones
And two T-shirts

Gifts sent by your 4 children?

No, they were gifts bought and sent to me myself

So who was at your special dinner celebration?

Me and my teddy bear called bear
I bought and cooked and ate it myself

did you have the spiced rum on your own David?

Yeah, I probably shouldn't

So nothing from your children then?

No, just the violence of silence

Did you write about it David?

just a draught, not edited yet

Children Hate by  David Macleod

Blood is not thicker than waters
Hatred comes from sons and daughters
Daily dished out with impunity
They celebrate this disunity
They hate for no good reason
For Caring and love its my dry season

Almost 3 years I get ignored on the street
By stony faces and hearts of concrete
Their blood concentrated acid, burns
But with their hate they take turns
They are cowards with no moral compass
Constantly hiding scared of causing a rumpus

Where no caring or any compassion are felt
Love cannot exist, their hand already dealt
Some love is a pretence for public appearance
But their feelings have already experienced clearance
There hatred tears me apart
Causing a terminal broken heart

As predicted in my early 20’s I will die alone
None will morn as they sit on their throne
Passing out their fake and twisted judgements
Fill of lies, fakery half truths and unfair adjustments
For the they will experience the judgement of the living
For their hatred, lies and their lack of forgiving

I will die alone without experiencing a family who love
I will go nowhere, there is no blow and no above
But one thing I know: I will always be with them
A memory to expose, haunt and condemn
The dancer has to pay the piper
Even when they are a horned viper

Wow David does it worry you than they might read it?

No! People say “You have nothing to fear from the truth.”
But there are exceptions to this - They will!

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Author's Note
David Macleod (c)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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