The Phoenix

There once was a fire in the eyes of the husk that stands before you
Skin frail as ash with cracks that splinter through it
Truth be told, there's still an ember
Look closely to catch its flicker
There's a story in the lines of every fracture
There is such detail recorded in this disaster

A story wrote in fire, finely etched as if by torch
Wrote boldly, in italics
A tale of how the earth was scorched
Around the husk, lay piles of dust
In which the wind refuses its touch
They lay neatly as if at home
These ashes were once a home

Black streaks emanate from the figures feet
Indiscriminate and jagged
The infernos trail consumed all...
Ashes hang in the air refusing to fall
Without a care, they defy natural law
There you can see it
A flicker in every mote
There is life left amongst what floats

Upon close inspection of the lines upon its hands
The inscription reads
"Of no ashes, no bird arose
Cast aside, a wilting rose"
And up the arm it continues
"There was no proper burial
No funeral, or eulogy
Just the fires I lit of a pyre
Consuming the cyphers of my hearts beloved liar"
At the sleeve
"The withered petals of love letters"
Upon its shoulder rests
"Seraph" and "Solace"
Across the collar
"Forever and Always"
Inside the cavity where the heart would be
"What Resides"
To its opposite reads
"The One"
Below it speaks of prophecy
Suddenly... you are interrupted

The motes suspended begin to glow
Rotate and swirl around the husk
Slowly building to a rising fury
Ignition begins as the vortex forms
A firestorm
The heat is so intense
Yet the flames do not lick you
But gather upon the ravaged figure's skin
Forming flesh of the ashen pale
Fiery wings burst from his back
He is lifted
He is ascending

A rebirth witnessed
In a figurative sense
The fallen rising
He plucks a fiery feather from his back
Pricks his finger to use as ink
And begins to write upon his chest
A story of The Phoenix
And how this place came to rest
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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