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Sunrise Maiden Of The Cosmos (Love Is The Crown, The Erudite Wisdom Of The Heart Shines On)

You are the most seductive woman to ever exist,
a desire so pure you unhinge galaxies
until they begin to fall apart.

The wonderment of your eyes gazing starward on a windy, blurry day is the pinnacle of art,
poetry forged from the scalding elements of love and wisdom,
hope and yearning ascending bright bone deep into
the cool hot glow of emblazoned metal that hungrily leaps onto my orgasmic skin,
illustrating the flourishing story of my heart with harems of hyacinths,
painting stellar devotion into what seemed like sad empty space,
tearing down the spectral fullness of rainbows with your teeth,
kissing insidiously stalking heart-predators into glorious extinction,
the deformed earthscapes of the past bleeding rich veins of molasses regret
that suddenly bow in deference to the viscosity of your sweet quicksilver oblivion,
my soul rinsed clean like an unfinished watercolor left out in a thunderstorm.

Your tears,
I would taste them,
essences of firecracker bliss or charcoal-tinged heartbreak
off-roading into the meandering hills of my quantum-tunneled psyche.

to behold your indomitable strength of spirit,
just to cradle an infinitesimal fraction
of your scorched-ivory magnificence in my hand,
to study how it scintillates unrestrainedly under the star-shifting night sky,
like heavenly bodies diminished, nuclear fusion bent into the shape of blinking fireflies
that wander with renewed purpose,
helter-skelter forest lanterns beckoning the night
into a startling treetop crescendo of immaculate ambrosial fruition.

You are the sublime cusp,
the ravishing gravity well I prance upon,
orbital worship brazen sky,
poetry soaring like eagles hell bent
on capturing heaven's light.

Ancient lovers,
pond ripples voraciously expanding
as hungry eternity echoes victoriously
in the reawakened full burn sun of our meeting eyes,
home being the space in between our spoken words,
where thoughtfulness rises in gentle wisps.

In a garden that blooms in the language of hello,
I rest my head upon the harmonious tranquility of your pillowy smile.

you bathe me
in the cherishing frequencies
of your flaming quickmatter heart,
which adjusts purposefully each day
to the unwinding singularity of my core,
those infinitely regressing and enslaved solar storms of hope and longing
that only you would dare accept with such unvarnished glee.

We touch and ignite,
making molten love
out of each singular moment,
savoring what is,
and what it shall be:
twin cosmic creations
standing like fractals in an old growth forest,
jaywalking into the smiling stratosphere
heartbeat to heartbeat,
oxygen to oxygen,
knowing we truly are
the only North Star
that could ever exist
in each other's sky.
Written by veganpoet (Thomas L Goss)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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