A beautiful broken piano (A ghostly tale)

Every day I would walk by that house and wave hello.
An apathetic stare beyond the winds blow.
Never seen a smile or even a blink.
Rumors say he’s dead, others say he just thinks.
One day I walked by and looked through his window.
In awe I saw a beautiful yet broken piano.
I saw his smile with a friendly nod and wink.
To be honest I was scared and didn’t know what to think.
Another day I passed by and he wasn’t even there.
A peek through his window and he was seated in his chair.
Playing the broken piano and humming a tune.
Curiosity fell upon me that very afternoon.
I walked up the battered steps of his broken down porch.
A deep breath, a glance to the sky, having faith in the lord.
Just as I was about to knock the door opens and there he was.
The fowl smells crept from his house, I tried not to show disgust.
He looked at me and asked “Are you here to finally play?”
In silence and fear I nodded and quietly prayed.
His arm stretched as if he were welcoming me inside.
Curiosity always got me in trouble but I look on the bright side.
A deep breath and I take a slow steady step into the house.
Floors creaked, pipes leaked, all was silent but a lonesome mouse.
He quietly points to the piano and welcomes me to have a seat.
I quietly ask God, how do I play a broken piano in this heat?
In an awkward motion he sits down beside me and whispers.
“I’ve lost it all but this piano, somehow i'm living with a failed liver.”
The chills ran down my spine, I just froze like a statue in place.
Eye’s focused on the piano he asks “why don’t you look at my face?”
Hesitant, I wanted to be truthful and it’s so fucking hard to lie.
I’m sorry sir, I’ve only seen one smile and a wink of an eye.
“Well you know I am smiling now, it’s been years since i had company.”
“Let’s get this broken piano playing, shall we?”

It was like magic how my fingers flowed over the broken keys.
Everything sounded so perfect and came with such ease.
He hummed along like we have practiced this for years.
The more I played on that broken piano the less I feared.
I felt his cold hand touch my back but I kept on playing.
And in my head all I really remember is praying.
I felt the touch fade as if it dissolved to a quick light sand.
Continue playing. I turn my head to see him stand.
Just like a lightning flash he disappeared before my very eyes.
And everyday he waited in that window for someone to come and try.
To ease his pain and suffering he so deeply felt on the inside.
Playing his beautiful broken piano helped him to find the other side.
Written by miseryomy
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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