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Tongue Fuck

He would make me wait for his cock, arousing me with soft words, I'd watch his lips, imagine my tongue intruding into his mouth as he kept me drenched and throbbing, and then I'd feel my need take over and dive like a bird of prey into his mouth.

My tongue pushed deep, massaging his with mine, as the tip of my tongue ran along his lips, feeling the skin, thinner, more sensitive under my tastebuds. The wet of his protruding tongue invites me to coax it out more with gentle sucks.

I drew his tongue into my mouth and traced the outline of his lips with my index finger. He pulled away, his eyes lowered, his erection was already all the way there,


I felt that familiar heaviness in my chest, his sexual power penetrative and evoking, I must have giggled, he corrected me,

"No, not my cock"

and he lifted my chin up and kissed me softly, sensually and filling my mouth with his breath, he slid his tongue inside and relaxed his jaw.

I fucked his tongue with my lips like it was his shaft, circling around it teething it gently and sucking his lip between my teeth where I'd nibble the blood filled bubbled flesh.

I sunk my teeth slowly but couldn't bite down too hard, I didn't want to bring him pain, just absolute, delicious pleasure.

That was how I'd torment him in my own, soft way. I knew the slower, softer, gentler I was, the more he needed to hurt me, and it was his fierce animalistic pain I needed. I would be like water, bathing him in creamy delight, which would make him devour me, and it was only the virtue of my timidity that held him back.

I knew the moment the kiss ended, its sweetness like an overripe peach, he wouldn't be able to hold himself back. I knew, once my tender mouth fuck had released his tongue from my sucking lips he would tear me the fuck apart like a Sunday chicken.

He swallowed, which meant he was finding it almost impossible to not throw me down and hammer himself into me, and so I took that desperation and twisted it by nibbling on his earlobe, breathing heavily into his ear with soft whimpers.

I'd straddled him now, clothed but knickers next to his light grey workout sweats. Tugging on his lobe with my teeth, kissing down the jugular with firm lips and tonging hard down his vein. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and his desperation turned to a please-don't-fucking-stop quickness in the rise and fall of his chest.

I tugged his other lobe, using my nails to drag a sharp but sensual pain there, trailing my index finger along the ridge of the ear.

I could feel his raging hard on through my underwear, but neither of us moved our hips. I held his head, fingers in his hair, tugging as I kissed his mouth again, plunging my tongue in his mouth, like I was mining for oil. He made a noise through his nose. I knew I was playing with fire now, any minute now he was going to pin me down and demolish me.

He pulled away, looked at me and lifted me off his lap. There was a damp patch where I'd leaked.

"Put your nose there"

I buried my nose deep and inhaled. I could smell his balls and wanted his sperm in me, on me, all over my stomach, but he pulled away,

"That's enough for now"

Where I fell to the floor in a comically dramatic way and writhed like a kitten.

"and no touching yourself until i get back".
Written by subrosa
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