Its daylight though my mind is dark.
I sit and shed the trappings the now.
My body disassembles, its pieces float
in the ether yet are conscious of my being.
There are other pieces of other shapes
floating, not necessarily human or from
this dimension.

They are fearsome, like those experienced
on an LSD trip. Vivid colors, unearthly
specters without eyes yet they see,
without mouths yet they speak, in a
language I know and one that I feel
is just noise. They seem familiar with
one another. I am the stranger.

I drift in pieces yet Im still one. This
dimension has consciousness but
no substance. It is pure thought.
In other dimensions there is no need of
substance, only a consciousness of
the moment, every moment represents
what we would call a lifetime.
But here there is no time, everything
just is.

Suddenly, insecurity creeps in. If I
exist in the world of is, can I return
to the world of here and now?
I see no path back. The ether without
the tangible is beyond my finite mind
to contemplate. The shapes communicate
as they drift among the stars and planets
as if the life of is knows no boundaries.

This isnt my world, isnt my dimension.
I wished myself here but I want to go back.
Existence without substance and human contact
is not for me, I feel pains as my mind
reassembles me, real or imagined.
Out of the blackness there is light
and clarity. Im me, Im grounded, Im back.
If you wish for the unknown, be ready.
There are worlds beyond...

Written by anvinvil (Anvillan)
Author's Note
Dimensions beyond our own are there. Life is a frequency and existence at another frequency is beyond imagination or is imagination.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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