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If my meth addiction could speak...

To my friend who needs me,
  You are tired of this lifestyle with me. But you can't turn your back on me. Constantly i leave you so weak I make sure your so anxious when you go to long without me . This time, that time, alright everytime. I make sure you can only see that part very clearly.
Your body's been taking the hardest of it all not physically as least but I've got you so small, as I have them all.
Ugh, you my darling friend are slightly different thats all. Your my favorite one out of all, you depend on me most of all.
Your mental health is what keeps me around. Helping me do the job of giving you pure self doubt.
Yes, I've caused it all.  The torment and agony that's so vile and hazardous for your fragile soul, ive managed to steal your peace of mind now your stuck with this darkness so black it's now a neverending wormhole.
This is just the beginning of hell my dear friend, just watch how all my tricks unfold... I swear you'll be hypnotized by just one bowl. Oh how much you'll forget that lifes been passing you by, I swear I'm your best friend by getting you high.
 I am the only one who can give you that comfortable feeling about dying inside.  I know that I'm always your last good night and your best morning high.
I've got you convinced I'm the only brighter side of this lifestyle you really regret after you hit me that first try. Dont blame me now, that was supposed to be your first and last time. I think we just met at a very bad time.
 I couldn't help passing up how passionately you gave yourself to me after all you feel I set you free. Our bond so strong it's like we were meant to be, most your family couldn't help but give into me. Even your mother she was once so inlove with me for 30 years. She was so lost getting high off me. Poor thing you kept me in the family...
You get my point? I love making points, just leave them to me that pipe just isn't doing it like it used to when you first met me. It's my heat from your head to your feet, it fills you so very sweet. I'll have you crossing your legs so satisfied breathing so deeply.
Baby you just found another way, another reason to fall more inlove with me. Look at you champ so happy with life, meth isn't such a bad friend when your high. I couldn't pass up your cry for help look how easy it was when you broke down.
So desperate you needed a way out so I had to whisper "turn to your self harm". So defeated with shame I love that you've completely lost yourself.
 I even went as far I've convinced you all you can do is cut yourself.
Don't be mad at me, you knew this friendship had a twist when you signed in blood with that needle now.
I think it's funny when I leave you so overwhelmed, stuck in your head thinking of a way out cause I'm gone and I let you get burnt out. Body aches and your minds overflowing with things that make your heart break.
You know the drill.... Time for that razor my friend, release all your feelings for gods sake!
Just keep in mind the deeper you go it might just be enough, at least you'll die bleeding out still so worthless.
Now you deserve to finally be at rest with your stepdad.
Let's be real you fail at everything you can't even live up to your own expectations.
I know you have scars from dwelling on that one.
Oh look just in time another friend who can pack your pipe, here I come...its time to get high.
 Now you dont have to cry just scurry along to make me more money cause before too long your broke and think it's funny. So I'm forced to show you how fucked up you got me when I ain't your number one priority.
Still think it's funny?
I swear you like when I crush you so bad you knew you had it coming. Because  of me your high on life and think better days are coming.
Only this is my favorite part I get to shine so bright to expose my lies. My truth is right in your face beating you down.  Can you function without me now?
You really thought with me as a friend I'd let you shine brighter than me? Oh no honey look at where your man is...prison, cause he tried to replace me, even made sure your daughter was no threat now where is she... NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME. if you think that you'll be sure to see how fast ill have you crawling on your knees begging me for the guidance you desperately need.
                  Dont worry you'll be alright with me. Even if I force you to depend on just me.....
Written by AccidentalSinA
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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