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A Twisting of Souls (Ragan's Downfall)


Ragan pulled the second thigh-high stocking up her leg. She secured the garter snap to secure it. She looked in the mirror and adjusted the straps to her bra. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.
“No more wigs for me.” She flattened her eyebrows. Her smoky-colored eyes sparkled. “Incompetent idiots.” Tonight is the first time she felt the day belongs to her. “That bitch, it serves her right impersonating me.”
Ragan lifted a tube of lipstick and uncapped it. She outlined her lips with a deep crimson color.
Kill Kill.”
“No, not now dammit,” Ragan objected.
She threw the tube of lipstick and cap on the dresser. She turned around and sat on the edge of the dresser.
Kill Kill.”
“No!” Ragan hit the side of her head. “No. Please go away.”
She began to sweat. She rushed to the bathroom. She tripped and fell on the carpet.
Kill Kill.”
She swung out at the voices.
“Go…go way,” she whispered.
Kill Kill.”
The voices were getting thunderous in her ears.
Ragan lifted herself from off the carpet, and ran into the bathroom. She ran to the sink, turned on both water faucet knobs, and cupped her hands under the water. She palmed her face with warm water and lifted her head. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.
“Please don’t. Go away; I’m free of you now.”
She looked down. Her hands were trembling.
Kill Kill.”
“No, I won’t.”
She banged her fists on top of her head.
Kill... Killlll.”
Ragan looked at her reflection and slammed her fist into the mirror.
The mirror did not crack.
She looked down at her reddish knuckle.
Kill Kill.”
Ragan covered her ears. She dropped down to the tile floor. She balled up in a fetal position and cried.
“Help me... please somebody make them stop.”
Ragan heard voices merging within the core of her brain.
“Go...go away.”
She lifted her head and consistently hit her temple against the tile floor. She pivoted her head and looked up at the ceiling.
“Make…make…them stop please.”
“Kill… Kill.”
“Matthias, she is only a baby.”
“Just lie still, and let it be.”
Ragan lifted her hand up toward the ceiling.
“Mommy help me, please,” Ragan mumbled. “Make him stop.”

“Hold still you little bitch. Your dear daddy wants something in return.”
Ragan squeezed her legs together at the memory of her virginity being stolen, under the watchful eyes of her adoptive father and adoptive mother.
She scrunched her body in remembrance of the many episodes of physical abuse that pursued. Ragan slowly rolled over and sat up. She pushed back the shower curtain, and gripped the rim of the bathtub; she positioned her body on her knees, and then lifted her body from off the floor. Ragan grabbed a towel from off the towel bar and walked to the sink. She stared at her blurry reflection in the mirror.
The open gash to her temple area bled profusely.
Blood trickled down the side of her face, the droplets rested on her bare shoulder blade.
Ragan dipped the towel under the running water and saturated it; she placed the towel on her temple and wiped the blood away.
She removed the towel and hurriedly placed it back under the running water.
The water cascaded over the bloody towel.
Ragan dropped the towel into the sink. She placed a hand over her forehead; she shook her head to clear the throbbing sensation at her temple.
Kill Kill.”
“Go…, go….”
She felt woozy.
Ragan’s body swayed side-to-side, she shook her head, and then fell backwards.

Moss stood and stretched. He removed his cell phone from off his hip clip. He flipped it open and scrolled through his text messages.
“The beautiful piece of art is on the wall, and I mean it is very beautiful.”
Moss smiled and returned his cell phone to his hip clip. Boy, he cannot wait to rekindle the fire with Nadia’s body tonight.
Someone knocked on the door.
“Come in.”
Moss’ secretary ducked her head around the doorpost.
“Mr. Manikins, if there’s not anything else that needs my immediate attention; I will wish you a good evening.”
“I think I can manage from here. Good evening Mrs. Dreg.”
Mrs. Dreg pulled the door close.
Moss lifted his files and placed them inside his briefcase. He closed his briefcase, locked it, and lifted it from off his desk. He walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out his office.
The evening cleaning crew crawled the building.
Moss walked to the elevator and pushed the down button.
“Mr. Manikins.”
Moss turned around.
Senator Bernstein joined him at the elevator.
“Senator Bernstein.”
Moss extended his hand.
Senator Bernstein shook it.
Both men dropped their hand.
“I heard you had a visit with Senator Klossterman this afternoon.”
The elevator doors slid open.
Both men stepped on.
Moss pressed the GF button.
The elevator doors slid close.
“Yes, and I’m sure you’ve also heard, I’ve had several meetings with several congressmen, and several senators.”
“Something to that degree, and come tomorrow, we need to put our heads together and come up with a tentative press conference. The news…”
The elevator doors slid open.
Both men stepped off.
“Senator Bernstein, with all due respect. This shit is not going to go away with one press conference. My suggestion...” Moss looked around the quiet Rotunda area. “We need to come up with a smoke screen.”
Senator Bernstein palmed his cheeks.
“I’m open for all suggestions. Did you know this woman has involved two prominent members of Congress in organ trafficking.”
“Yes, I’ve seen the tape.”
“Mr. Manikins, what is the president’s voice on this.”
“Aghast. Our staff is coming up with a strategist plan to steer this smear in another direction.”
“Mr. Manikins, I never did hear your suggestion.”
“Concentrate on reforming the Healthcare bill, get the lobbyists to banter about Medicare, global warming. Dammit, we need something, and I mean now!”
“Yeah I…”
“Senator Bernstein.”
His aide ran up to him.
“Excuse me sir.” His aide was out of breath. “Did...” He coughed. “Did you hear the news?”
“Whaley, get a hold of yourself! And hear what news?”
“They caught the woman.”
“Dammit Whaley, talk sensible English will you.”
“Senator Bernstein, Mr. Manikins, they apprehended the woman who was on the run.”
“Come again.”
Moss’ heart accelerated.
“The woman was caught at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. According to CNN News. She was found in the bathroom on the floor passed out.”
“Whaley, did they say who led the authorities to her?”
“Yes the water. I’m sorry. It seems it was a water leak, and it flooded the bathroom. The people one floor below noticed the ceiling leaking. Housekeeping was called, and as the story goes, that crazy psycho was caught. It’s on the news now.”
Moss, Senator Bernstein, and Whaley, ran out the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. All three men ran across the street into a coffee shop.
Everyone was watching the news on the mounted television screen.

“Do you believe this shit,” Jonathon complained. “I bet that Las Vegas mothafucka somehow slipped her out of here.”
“Naw boss, I assigned Pete to keep a watchful eye on him. He swears Dr. Ambrose never left his hotel room.”
“PJ, I need you to book a flight to Las Vegas that leaves out within the next hour.”
“Sure boss, but how did Nadia get to Las Vegas.”
“PJ, the woman who the police carried out that hotel wasn’t Nadia, the bitch looked too stiff.”
“Boss, it could be that she was still unconscious.”
“You may have a point. Nevertheless, I would like to know, how in the fuck did Nadia end up in Las Vegas.”
Jonathon and PJ looked back at the television.

“Chief Downey, has the suspect talked?”
“No, the suspect is getting medical attention.”
“Chief Downey, is the suspect the same woman who is accused of the killings in Las Vegas, and in the city of New Orleans, and possible a cold case in Mississippi?”
“I think we’ve established that prior to the suspect fleeing while in federal custody.”
“Chief Downey, now that the suspect has been captured, what’s next?”
“That is for the court of law to decide.”
“Chief Downey.”
“This Press Conference is over. I will update you all with any developments, as they progress.”
Chief Downey walked away from the podium.

“PJ, make sure you tell Sammie to have his ass at the airport, and ready to go.”
“Yeah boss.”
PJ walked out the kitchen.

“Yes, I would like to book a flight.”
“What is your destination sir?”
“A one-way flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.”
“Sir, would that be Coach or First Class.”
“First class.”
“I have a flight that leaves out in one hour.”
“Consider me on it.”
“I will need your credit card number.”
Sterling gave the Flight Reservationist his credit card information.
“Mr. Ambrose, you are all set.”
The Flight Reservationist gave Sterling his confirmation number.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome Mr. Ambrose, and thank you for calling American Airlines.”
Sterling hung up the telephone.

Cory poured over the evidence strewn over his desk. He lifted a graphic photograph of Senator Sexton’s crime scene.
Someone knocked on the door.
Cory placed the photograph back down on his desk.
“Come in.”
Chief Downey opened the door and walked into Cory’s office. He closed the door back.
“Chief, the press conference was a nice touch I see.”
“I have to agree Lieutenant Haines.”
“However, we have a problem.”
“I do not see why, we have the suspect in custody.”
“Do we chief?”
“Somehow, I see you’re not totally convinced.”
“I have poured over the crime scene photos. Chief Downey, the woman who walked into my office, is not a killer.”
“Since when did you start questioning the evidence?”
“I’m not questioning the evidence, but...”
“But nothing Lieutenant Haines. Miss. Rajeen Nadia Whitlow will be officially booked, processed, and held for murder.”
Cory leaned back in his chair.
His telephone rang.
Cory looked up at Chief Downey. He snatched up the telephone receiver from out the cradle and placed it up to his ear.
“This is Lieutenant Haines.”
“Lieutenant Haines, the suspect has just arrived at the precinct. She is at the moment being processed.”
“Good, once that has been completed, place her in the Interrogation Room.”
“Yes sir.”
Cory hung up the telephone. He looked up at Chief Downey.
“The suspect is being booked.”
“Lieutenant Haines, are you sure you’re up to interrogating the suspect?”
“Yes, I will not be fooled by those grayish-colored eyes again.”
Both men laughed.
Cory stood and walked around his desk. He joined Chief Downey at the door.
Cory and Chief Downey walked out the office.

Nadia and Moss’ two brothers stood around the plasma television set.
“If the suspect has been apprehended, then what does that make me?”
“Innocent,” someone voiced from behind.
Nadia’s breath caught in her throat. She turned around.
Moss stood lazy against a steel beam.
Nadia ran up to him.
Moss grabbed Nadia around the lower part of her waist, pulled her to him, and slowly kissed her. He mumbled in her ear, “Baby, I hate I had to leave you behind.”
“I’m so glad to see you again.” Tears ran down Nadia’s cheeks. “I thought you left me behind.”
Moss kissed the side of Nadia’s neck.
Nadia inched her face back and caught Moss’ eyes.
“You look handsome.”
“And you are beautiful.”
I agree to that bro, Moss’ younger brother thought.
Nadia ran her palms down the muscular contour of Moss’ arms, and up his chest. She kissed him on his beard, and swept her tongue across his lips. She pressed her body even closer to his.
Moss increased his hold around Nadia’s waist; he slowly inched back and rested his forehead against hers.
“Are you all right?”
“Now that you’re here I am.”
She hugged him tighter.
“These terrible men were not too harsh with you were they?”
Moss lifted his head; he looked over Nadia’s head at his two brothers.
Nadia turned around in Moss’ arms.
Moss’ brothers looked at each other.
“What is it baby?”
Moss looked over at his brothers.
“The one wearing the black suit does tend to talk a lot.” Nadia winked at Moss’ younger brother. “And the one wearing the tan suit is….is. He made me feel protected, and his stories about his oldest brother were phenomenal. I sure would like to meet this person.” Nadia smiled at Moss’ other brother. She turned back around in Moss’ arms. “Oh, where were we?”
“Right here.”
Moss cupped Nadia’s chin and invaded her lips again.
Someone cleared their throat.
Nadia slowly inched her head back. She turned around to face the curiosity in Moss’ brothers’ eyes.
Moss enclosed Nadia’s waist from behind and pulled her body against his chest.
“Nadia, I would like for you to meet my two brothers.”
“Do you think I would risk your welfare to amateurs?” He kissed the side of her neck. “Nadia, to your left, is FBI Agent Darwin Manikins, and to your right is, FBI Agent Hodge Manikins.”
“It’s very pleasing to finally know your names.” Nadia walked forward. She hugged Darwin, and then Hodge. “Thank you two once again for the security of your services.”
“The pleasure was mine.”
Darwin smiled down at Nadia.
“Wait a minute. Moss, is the oldest brother who you two were discussing.”
“Described to me, as the risk taker, the heart breaker, and according to you Hodge, the Ladies’ Man?”
Both brothers looked at each other.
“Hey, aren’t you two off duty now?”
“Darwin, I think our oldest brother is kicking us out.”
“I’m on the same page.”
“Hodge, where is Arcade?”
“Yes, my first cousin, FBI Agent Arcade Delton.”
“Moss, you know its way past Arcade’s bedtime. You know his fiancée keeps him on a tight leash this time of the day.”
“The man is totally whipped.”
“More like sprung.”
All three men laughed.
Nadia looked back at Moss.
Moss stopped laughing and cleared his throat.
“Moss, we will be here first thing tomorrow morning to escort Nadia to Las Vegas. Hodge, and me have come up with the perfect explanation to explain where Nadia has been held up.”
“Nadia, I’m sure you would like to return to your life,” Hodge asked.
“Cancun and Cristal, most definitely.”
Moss looked down at Nadia’s legs from behind. His Kenneth Cole shirt she had on exposed smooth thighs. Her curly hair danced with each movement of her head.
“Uhh, you two can discuss the arrangements tomorrow.”
“Moss, I did prepare a feast.”
“And she already promised to feed us.”
“And man, I’m hungry,” Darwin stated.
“All right, but after the meal. I would like to spend some time with my woman.”
Nadia turned around.
“Woman, we may have to talk about that. Alternatively, someone may have to remind me of that again, Mr. Ladies’ Man.”
Nadia stroked Moss’ cheek.
Both brothers laughed.
“I will be in the kitchen setting the table.”
Nadia walked toward the kitchen.
“Man, that ass is luscious. Too bad, she isn’t your woman.” Darwin took a step forward.
“Woo, slow down Don Juan. That pussy has Moss’ name engraved on it.” Moss removed his suit jacket and threw it on a chaise. “Give me a second to go and change. I’ll meet everyone in the kitchen.”
“Moss, I’m your younger brother, so, I’ll just ask.”
“Are you sure about this move? This woman? Moss, I have to say this, but Nadia isn’t in the same class as your deceased wife. I will agree, she’s sexy, beautiful, and may be well educated, but still a little unrefined. That’s something you may want to take into consideration if she is to become a politician’s wife.”
Moss rubbed his chin down.
“Darwin, I have never been surer about anyone since Hyaline passed.”
“Hey, you do not have to convince me; just watch yourself, and your actions. Your political career is on the line if this shit gets out of hand.”
“Advice has been heard.”
“Man, I’ll meet you two in the kitchen.”
Hodge turned to depart.
“I’m right behind you.”
Darwin followed.
“Yeah just make sure you two keep your hands on the table, and not on my woman’s ass,”
Moss hollered at the back of his two brothers’ head. He walked to the stairs, pivoted, and looked at the kitchen door; he looked up toward the ceiling.
“Thanks man.”
Moss walked up the staircase.

Cory and Chief Downey walked in the direction of the Interrogation Room. Cory opened the door and entered the adjacent room, followed by Chief Downey.
Chief Downey closed the door.
Several law enforcement personnel were already in the adjacent room, looking through the glassed two-way window at the woman, who the state of Nevada has been trying to capture.
Cory took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then reopened them. He pivoted his head in the direction of the window. He stepped closer to the window and looked at the suspect. Cory closed his eyes and thought back to the night when Nadia and he spoke before she climbed up into her Escalade.
“I usually don’t mess around with the hired help.”
“Oh it’s like that.”
“Those are your words handsome, not mine.”
“So you think I’m handsome.”
“Correction, tall and handsome.”
“Tall and handsome huh.”
“I have other adjectives, but we do not know each other well enough, for me to speak them so freely.”
“You are...”
“I’m listening.”
“It will at least take me three dates to tell you.”
“Oh it’s like that.”
“Those are your words beautiful, not mine.”

Cory looked at the woman again as she conversed with a Public Defender. He did not feel anything, not even pity, or saddened that he was about to interrogate her. Where was that feeling of emotional submission he experienced while walking her back to her vehicle that night?
The door opened.
Everyone in the adjacent room pivoted in the direction of the door.
Three FBI Agents entered the room.
Chief Downey stepped forward.
“I’m Chief Downey, can I help you gentlemen with something?”
Agent Shields lifted his badge from off his belt, flashed it at Chief Downey, and then returned it to his belt.
“We are taking over this investigation.”
“Since, this case became a federal matter.”
“I think you are mistaken. The suspect was caught in my jurisdiction, and this is the state of Nevada, and the city of Las Vegas, my jurisdiction.”
“Chief Downey, the suspect crossed several state lines, fled while in federal custody, and recently committed another crime in the state of Louisiana. Please let my men do our job, or there will be criminal charges filed against this precinct.”
Chief Downey looked at Agent Shields, and then looked around the adjacent room.
“One of my men will be present during the interrogation.”
“I foresee no problems with that. I’m ready when you are.”
Cory and Agent Shields walked out the adjacent room.
“Rajeen, I have to ask you not to speak, until I advise you to speak.”
“Who the fuck is Rajeen? I already told you my name is Ragan.”
The Public Defender looked at Ragan. He looked down at her trembling hands, and the thin lacerations up her arms.
A fucking crazy cutter broad. Why does he always get all the fucked up pro-bono cases he thought.
Someone knocked on the door.
“Come in.”
Cory opened the door and walked in.
Agent Shields trailed and closed the door behind his entrance.
Cory got his first look at the woman who stole his heart for a brief moment in time.
Time on the run had hardened her delicate features. Her eyes showed no signs of recognition, or expressive emotion.
Ragan’s Public Defender rose from his seat.
“I will be representing my client.” He sat back down. “Any and all questions please direct to me.”
“Fair enough.”
“Rajeen, do you know why you are being held in custody,” Agent Shields inquired.”
“My fucking name is not Rajeen; I told everyone that my name is Ragan.”
Cory looked at the woman.
“Nadia I...”
“Who the fuck is Nadia? This Police Department needs to do their homework before you go around arresting innocent people.”
“Nadia, I cannot help you, if you do not cooperate.”
Ragan leaned over and whispered something in her attorney’s ear. Her attorney cleared his throat.
“My client has asked that her identification be determined before any more questions are to occur.”
Agent Shields lifted his briefcase, placed it on the table, and then unsnapped the locks. He pulled out several photographs and threw them down on the wooden table.
“Does this shit jolt your memory Rajeen? We had your ass the first time, but we won’t make the mistake of losing you again.”
Ragan lifted one of the photographs.
The slain body of Senator Sexton stared back at her.
Ragan smiled at the memory of plugging the tip of her dagger into his chest wall. She placed the photograph back down on the table and looked from Agent Shields to Cory.
“Why am I here?”
“You are facing several charges. Rajeen, are there any more bodies out there that have not been discovered?”
“I will not speak, until you dumb ass bastards establish my identity.”
Ragan sat back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest.
Chief Downey snapped his fingers.
“Officer Fry, I need a DNA match that was found at each crime scene, now!”
“Yes sir.”
Officer Fry scampered out of the room.
“Rajeen, how did you manage to slip back into the state of Nevada?”
“By the bus.”
“What was your motive for killing several Congressional Representatives?”
“I killed no one.”
“Does it make you feel more of a man to address me by another woman’s name? Because it’s really pissing me off. If I were a killer, I would already have slit your fucking throat. Now someone, get my fucking identification right!”
Ragan turned toward her attorney.
“Is there any chance this questioning can be postponed, until these fucks establish I’m an American citizen, and have never killed anyone a day in my life.”
Ragan’s attorney turned toward Agent Shields and Cory.
“You two heard my client.”
The man behind the camera turned it off.
Cory walked to the door, opened it, and walked out the Interrogation Room.
Agent Shields looked at Ragan, and then at her attorney. He gathered his photographs together, placed them inside his briefcase, and locked it. He lifted his briefcase from off the table and walked out the Interrogation Room.
“Chief Downey, the woman in there is not Nadia,” Cory whispered.
One of the FBI Agents looked over at Cory.
Chief Downey shook his head at Cory to remain silent.
“Lieutenant Haines, I need to speak with you in private.”
Cory and Chief Downey walked out the adjacent room.
Chief Downey looked down the hallway; he flagged Cory over to the corner.
“What is it chief?”
“I just received some strange information on our so-called suspect.”
“Well, what is it?”
“The suspect’s name is indeed Ragan. Actually her name is Ragan Nadine Hemmingway.”
Ragan Hemmingway. Shit! When Nadia called she said the woman in there is framing her.”
“That’s not the worst of it. It seems Officer Fry spoke with Chief Hansin and he did confirm that Nadia confined in him about this Ragan woman during her interrogation at his Police Department. Therefore, I had Officer Fry do a DNA analysis and criminal background check on the woman we now have in custody.”
“Chief is there any information we can use to arrest the suspect for the murders.”
“Yes, and no dammit.”
“I don’t understand.”
“It appears that bitch in there shares the same DNA, and a similar fingerprint match as a Rajeen Nadia Whitlow.”
“Tell me you’re kidding.”
“Wait, the shit gets even strange.”
“The place of residence of the woman in there is in the same vicinity of Rajeen Nadia Whitlow.”
“How close are we talking about Chief?”
“The two women lived next door to each other.”
“And neither one knew about the other one’s existence?”
“I can’t answer that.”
“So the twin theory, that Dr. Ambrose, and the Coroner from New Orleans Parish is on point.”
“That may be so, but what I would like to know is, which one of them is the real killer.”
“The woman we got in custody is the real killer. I stake my life on it.”
“Yes, but in a court of law. Two women, who may, or may not be twins, whose DNA, and similar fingerprints were left at a crime scene, will be difficult trying to prove either way.”
“Wait, wasn’t there a Senator Hemmingway killed several years ago.”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Well, what are you thinking?”
“Same last name and maybe a possible motive, but what we must find out, is why?”
“Should we share this information with Agent Shields?”
“We have no other choice.”
“Chief Downey, let me have another crack at this bitch.”
Chief Downey palmed his chin and thought for a moment. He looked at Lieutenant Haines.
“If we cannot make anything stick on her...”
“Yes, I’m aware by law, we could only hold her for twenty-four hours,” Lieutenant Haines added.
“Yes, therefore, I need for you to get a hold of Dr. Ambrose, or someone in the Coroner’s Office.”
“I’m on it. How about the interrogation?”
“Remember, we are still trying to establish her identity.”
Cory arched his eyebrows.
“At least it buys this department some time.”
“I’ll go and speak to Agent Shields. Lieutenant Haines, I need that information A.S.A.P.”
“And you will have it.”
Cory scurried down the hallway to his office.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 19th Jun 2020
Author's Note
A Chapter From One Of My Published Novel. I will be bringing Ragan's Chapters to the forefront .. "This is a very long chapter"

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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