Image for the poem Rabbit holes... An ode owed down the road two BSavvy...

Rabbit holes... An ode owed down the road two BSavvy...

She raced full throttle; abled to a full bottle labeled; "Drink me"
She took a few sips; knew drips fell from two lips; she scripted; "Fabled ink free"...

*Wink Bee

She think Lee was a rabid soul width a habit;
Sew she grabbed bic pole down the rabbit hole; butt eye scene her from the back and that cabbage cold!.. Literallee and FIGurativeLee sPEAKin:g eye was visuallee peaking win she freakin' squoze her cHEEks end;
OWN the 🐇 rabbiT WhOle...eyes hid "behind" the "bush" two see the package fold... Eye gave her tush a push butt didn't stab it though... Lee id grow let go my ego butt it was a little trouble SEA Trying tW.OO Fit
thQse dQuble ; see's width my bic end my hand trying two juggle
*jug full
*Love the giggle😂
*love the jiggle
*bove the fig swole
*hug a big soul
Dug a big whole then went up threw ground; drew down up scent pen pole; dig the rug?.!
id'S A Welcome mat
Eye thought eye saw kitty cat???
Whale cum cat
Just like tweety bird
Sail sum rat;
Lust write; eat Lee word
"Just right!.."
sweetlee heard
From the
Write pied piper
Hit that kit kat
Knight ride wiper
Light side brighter
Bright side type her
If quill could kill fore real
Write hide sniper
Play the quill knot the field
Sight Bride wife her
Eye'mmm the shit butt at this height sight hide diaper...
Where air blow
Wear heir grow
There hare go;
Own the rabbit whole width know girdle slow ass a 🐢 furtile turtle hurdle word flow
Heard bull turd grow width know man newer
Flow hand truer sew "grow plan" grew her
Show green thumb
Plant flow gene crumb end three wholes; scene come IN Key wholes sum sin sea souls
Pen free scrolls
O. W. N
The rabbit whole found the ravished soul bye a raddish bowl this might sound funny butt end light sound honey played that "Haddish role" eye coulda been on that hash 'ish bad dish though

What a big kNOwSE you have
You laugh; butt
She was my little REaD Writing Hood on Writer's Block... Riding GOoD on writer's jock
Bitches trip on her "real" butt steal lighters cock...
Singers rap; fingers snap
Swingers trap; bringers gap
Ringers cap; flingers crap
King her's
Clap; tap; wrap map; app app
Perhaps ass
She sore before seashore we sure Crab bit sole end rabbit whole
Playback on the weigh back; mayback
Cab split toll
*Dab; hit pose
Lab shit prose win this Fab script flows

She shows more cottontail on a forgotten trail
Store rotten braille
Score hot ten; yell
Yes sex sails
Sew set sales
Flow wet sells
In inkjet wells
The rabbit whole was bottomless
What leads hugged bottom
Know malice pen underhand; butt Alice end Wonderland... Dallas pen understand
Eve.rything is BIC in Texass flows know x's and Oh's plan sexes and sews...
Stop drop and role
The rabbit (w)(HO)?(L(e)

L€€thal 02.22.2020

BSavvy she happy in the rabbit wHOLE
She a savage;
The total package
She had no baggage;
She lived carefree butt knot carefully
Third eyes heard eyes word prize; caught stare fully

Win Bee write or recite that's God's hand
Win she goes down the whole that's God's plan...

She hurdles word flowS arOUND turtles alREA.D.y seen scene show; slow and steady wins the race; bic story;
She can taste victory; sew Lee bic depict ass he trace Bee race ass she chase the mystery; butt threw the ]win]DO]w PAiN pen drew stain win
* blew brain
* end curse words using my worst words
This gift is both my misery and a gift fore me butt end the beginning end the end id's bliss fore me sew let us rediscover the history end this story...
The rabbit whole...

Sis sureLee wheel dive deeep(h)er
Losing tracks of tiME

Hun soul mission has tunnel vision
In bLacks of mind...
Lights on; writes poem;
Pen facts; Love 💘 rhyme

Eye wake and eye write end the middle of the knight... Eye'mmm Prince Charming bye the middle of the write... And if eye aint eye paint the riddle; love the write...
Butt that's my life and it Pains me... God made me butt cannot change me... If the write damn hot; blame me

Found the sides and the back 🚪door of Ghetto SouL EyE shoUld get a 🏅 medal
Lead foot pedal two the metal though
Rose thorn blows horn you watch the petal grow

Eye had two take a timeout to get the rhyme out butt let me stop!.. eYE Am literallee taking a shower and found myself lost end the power of the rabbit whole and fell prone to grab my cellphone and start writing lol arghhhhh BSavvy sea what eye MEan 💕😀😁#MyCellAintWaterProof

My pad split hares ass the rabbit dares two hip hop
Drip drop past feelings threw glass ceilings; flip top
Pick up my bic and rip crop like door scene carrots... Eye just Midas touch; write 14 karats...
Like Bugs Bunny that was funny; wassup doc
pen dizzy then busy ass a bee
buzz cup clock

Love tuck watch in mirror shape a book; pen clearer
Own the rabbit wHOlE ass end Garden of Eden sLEEpen under a tree believe end;
Awaken from a yawn
"The pawn is allways greener in the other lawn until you checkmate
Eye aspire two expire then scribe the next "🔥" fire
Check date...
Bee propose we both strike a pose pen write the prose down the rabbit whole;
Let's WEight!..
Bare soul and expose width know clothes;
Less wait!..

She's allways in my hair umm; Nair?
Knot like a harem hare; butt eye dare 'em stare @ a hot knight scribing a hot write
It's Leap Year sew eye'mmm trying two hop kite...
Know Ben Franklin
Pop write open; thank pen🖊🙏
Eye save eye am her fave from Miss Shank


Sea chapter Lee capture Bee laughter flipping heads; linking tails
Found down the rabbit whole dripping leads; inking wells; see rapture ripping legs thinking Braille; sipping kegs; drinking ales; tipping pegs; sinking sails off course ofcourse...

Skipping trails; Tripping snails; Lee's just Jesus gripping nails eye cross my heart if bee cost my art ass priceless eye would be twice ass nice; yas!..

Bee slid down the rabbit whole ass backwards past last words;
She "The shit" ask past turds...
Blast jazz heard like pied pipers
She was a crash test dummy like side swipers
Now Bee's roadkill from the ode skill... Sense been kissed by a prince now she knows how toad feel
It was know wonder man she mentioned Wonderland under dayummm breath

It's Leap Year sew my "pen face" and bunny ears eye keep near; lust just incase it gets d;eee;p heAre

BEE Pen was in the rabbit whole; butt twook id
TwOO Knew next LEvEl
True BLUE Text devil
Know Duke jocks width scores two settle
Just sounds from heart first jukebox replaying elevator music
Inking, searched; thinking; perched while drinking; Bee thirst juice box she saying;
"He'LL WEt f[L]avor
God Ooooze bic.."

God fuse tick the chapter after rapture capture clock
*tiME sTop
She heard sirens seW Eye ran two the light
Threw the knight three drew the write

On this LEvEl she scent me Haikus
Butt eye knew less was more
Because suddenly Bee Was A Gluttony push button Lee
Fore punishment
Sew she heard "Pomp and Circumstance" win she chomped two work sum  stance two bee pompous and understand
Two Bee Peep deep like the Roadrunner butt Bee Wiley like the coyote

You like my flow Bee..?

She read my rhyme fax climax in IMAX
Seeing ink dots end pink spots entitled; "G.S." think spot sum "Pun" wish meant; butt eye paint that aint nun of my business eye'mmm onlee one love eye witness of the Love; Life and Pain
A glove; knife; hand stain; a grudge fight ran Cain;

A love write brand name like voyeurism
Write sight while you enjoy your 'isms
Pen toy your prisms like pyramids
Might peer door lids

Bee was like Peter Cotton Tail on a sweeter trodden trail... Pitter feet was bitter sweet sense G.S. we guess left a rotten smell... A spot end hell
the forgotten taLE Eye
caught pen teLL EyE miss fun!..

Adam was calm; butt Bee was like an atom bomb on a mission

BEE (P)envisioned a vision of;

"Life; Love; Pain..."

She invited; pen ignited then sighted brother Leethal's and other peephole's deep flows...
Know won left though; onlee lost ghetto souls on death row... My guess though eye guest; SEW No possibilities of parole except the scroll...
SeW Eye wriTE LLiKE eYe invent list;
And eye meant this; God scent sense...
"Life was the sentence;
Love the apprentice; but
Pain like a dentist... No Novocain
Exit was the entrance; Flow Jehovah reign..."
End the beginning;
The rabbit wHOLE...

Leethal 3.1.2020

We must bee out of our rabbit ass minds
What Zoo made you the savage ass kinds

*After he creates Lee awakes in shakes two find perhaps three months and fifteen days time of rhyme has elapsed sense his power nap
own the rabbit whole...

Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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