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After Hours

My cousin Babs was the looker, I played wing. She went for the most good looking, I honestly wasnt looking for anyone, I just wanted to dance. When she brought him to me I looked at him and knew we could dance.

He was unassuming and shy, a pinched nose and short, I guessed they were the thing he placed first on his list of things he hated about himself. They were the things about him I enjoyed.

We jumped into a taxi, lips locked in some drunken fumbling of crude seduction. He kissed perfectly, which excited me. I naturally knew our sex would connect.

We got back to someone's, I wasn't sure whose. My cousin and her beautiful catch went into the bedroom, yet another shove by her into my lane.

We kissed, it felt lovely and natural, familiar and comfortable. I, as I normally do, took charge, undresed him and kissed his nipples. He had a beautiful easiness about his touch.

I took out his cock and ate it entirely. I smoothed the head with saliva and plunged it to the back of my throat. As it hit my soft pallet I heard a gasp and a soft, "fuck".

I knew he was going to blow his load down my throat quickly, so I told him this one was his as he shot a load, I felt a wash of hot cum spurt down my throat.

I wanked him off slowly, overriding his orgasmic sensitivity, over the bridge and back to a comfortable level of stimulation until I felt his body relax again.

I kept stroking him slowly, his arousal stayed and I climbed on top, now able to ride him as long as I needed with no fear of him ruining my orgasm.

His cock was long and slim, not my favourite, but it took my breath when it slid in all the same. I remember uttering the words, "Oh, fuck, that's actually quite big".

I rode him in long, luxurious strokes, gripping his long dick in slow, rhythmic strokes. Making sure to focus the grip on his frenulum as it glided smoothly in and out.

I bent down and slipped my tongue in his mouth, he sucked my tongue as my pussy gripped his shaft tightly. I took his cock out of me, resting the head on my slit, tightening my muscles I made my cunt virgin tight and slid him inside slowly, his cock hit my cervix and my head bowed as I took the full length of him inside.

It fucking hurt, it hurt like it would have the first time if it wasn't something forgetful. He took me to a primal place I thought was lost to ill fortune. He pounded hard and almost broke me in two, I cried out like a mother at her son's funeral. He opened me wide.

His teeth pulling at my nipple, fingers tugging the other, he took out his cock, spat on his finger and lubricated my anus.

In one, slow, determined stroke he stuffed his cock into my arse. The pain seared. I put my hand on his chest to pause him as my sphincter adjusted. He looked at me and smiled, he held still for me and I relaxed into it.

"I wish we had poppers" he said and I remember the bottle in my bag.

I jumped off his cock, rummaged in my bag and got back on. His cock took my breath away again.

I felt the push of his head open me up. The pain was both uncomfortable and delightful, I edged him inside me as he opened the bottle and offered my nostril the heady daze of amyl nitrate.

My head spun and I fell into the collapse of intense daze as his cock slid perfectly into my arse. I offered an"Aaaahhhhhh" up to the universe as I felt that slow pummel into orgasmic oblivion.

I orgasmed again and felt myself open and be entirely filled by every inch of cock. A slow build to pounding, merciless blows thundered deeper, more intense orgasm, right into the core of me, our foreheads connected, I feel his balls draw up and empty everything inside me...



Empty space


We reset

Fall back down into each other.

And kiss a blissful full stop

At that point Barb walks in, clearly pissed off and makes some acidic comment about his performance being lacklustre. That meant home time, I asked for her lipstick and wrote, "Emma was here" with an arrow pointing down to his cock. I thanked him and gave him a quick kiss. The whole night left me with a wonderful, naughty glow and helped me block out my egotistical bitch of a cousin's moaning from ruining my buzz.
Written by Sky_dancer (Inigo Montoya)
Author's Note
True, true, except for the lies.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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