It's 8 a.m, my alarm sounds off
It's time to begin again
But this time to a new song
There is not another moment to waste
Forget the days that were like copy and paste
Agonizingly mundane
Predictable like AA/BB
No, I'll treat today like
"Hey, this was made for me"
A special gift from the unseen
Now I'm not questioning
How I've been pulled from disaster
And suffering
I see no reason to resist content in being me
An Open Beta, version 2.5 of Happy
Stop denying myself necessities of humanity
Let's get a little more poetic and less straight forward
Every day will be like pulling the splinters beneath my nails
10 years of pining, and I've scratch and dug and fought against
Mountains of dirt I place upon my chest
And I thought this box, an empty house
Would be where I rest
For the rest of my days
Filled to the brink with unrest
For I'd have known I hadn't lived my best
And I'm dead set in seeing that change
I cannot afford unhappiness another moment of my time

It was like a hobby
And I devoted so much to it
I nurtured it through self neglect
Always placing others needs before my own
It was like I made myself a prison
So much so that, I felt at home
All alone
I saved my pennies, I saved my dimes
I saved for a future that wasn't mine
So I guess that time flies
Times can change with just a little bit of change
And I'll walk to the tune of a rattle in my pocket

The winds blow ever so slightly
The skies become clearer and clearer
I smile at this world I now see, as delightful
And my time here? Worthwhile
There is life left in this journey
And I may be miles upon miles away
From the man I want to be
But it all begins with today
No matter what comes my way
I am here, I am to stay

And It's 8 a.m, I open my eyes
The filter's been lifted
Obscuring the truth among lies
Beautiful, talented
Are all adjectives used to describe who I see myself as
I won't be done until I scrub this black paint from the walls of my mind
Revealing the truth as vibrant as color
I have a lot to fix, but I am worth it
I see that now
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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