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Tunisian Afternoon

Warm winds blew in from the Eastern sea, fragrant incense carried into the air in wisps, as white, muslin billowed against the window frame. I saw you leaning against it, gazing out onto the Tunisian streets stretched out as far as the eye could see.  
The shirt on your back fell over your taught body like a sheet on a bed, hinting at the shape of you underneath, contrasting against your skin, which was smooth and flawless.
When my lips met the back of your neck you visibly surrendered, the tension carried dissolved, our fingers found each others' and intertwined, tracing the shape of each's fingers, you brought my hand to your mouth and kissed each fingertip, pulled my arm so I came around to your front, cupping my chin, your mouth covered mine and parted my lips gently as your tongue swept inside my mouth.
As you led me to the unmade bed, and sat me at the edge, you kissed me with enough force to push me lying supine. I felt your fingers smoothe up my naked thighs, lifting up my satin negligé to my neatly trimmed bush.
Your face buried between my legs, inhaling the scent of my vulva. Your breath made me feel intensely relaxed, as your delicate, soft tongue parted my labia, my waters gave way, I flooded with wetness and blood made me engorged. My eyes closed and head tilted backward, mouth agape. I felt that tug of swollen heaviness in my cunt that begged for penetration.  
Gentle sweeps of tongue circled my clit, making it almost hurt with physical response. The downward pulling sensation of my heavily pregnant labia versus the upward pushing of your tongue inside my slit made me cry out. I let out a primal scream of pleasure, it rang out loud and constant as it plunged again and again, first of all tongue and then the stiffness of a middle finger.
My breath jolted, I felt like crying it was so fucking beautiful as you began curling a finger very gently against of my wrinkled vaginal wall. I was warm and wet, like a fire after the rain.
I could feel the warm air and food smells drifted on the current, I felt the swirls on my clitoris, like Van Gogh's Starry Night, one finger joined by a second, I gripped with my toned pelvic muscles, I'd enjoyed training with the geisha balls I'd bought.
The flat of your tongue spanning the entire of my inner labia, drawing up the dew from my cunt, smearing my lips and clit with ooze. Circling slowly, rhythmically, like an entropic galaxy swirling out, into the spacious bliss of the cosmos.  
There, in that pit of emptiness, I felt the first spark of orgasm, right in the centre of my cunt, at the base chakra. It began to spread there like a morning lit fire.  
I used my mental energy to draw the fire up to my navel where I lit my tummo energy. My cunt and secret chakra ablaze, the energy was fierce, I cried out long and melodic, a song of absolute pleasure rang aloud, in one continuous note.
Your fingers began to work deeper forward until you could bare no more and in one swift movement, took your fingers out of my cunt, plunged them into my throat and stuffed your hard dick into my sodden, blood inflated cave.  
The sex was urgent and primordial. My hair was in your fists, head bent backwards, cock slamming hard into me and all I can do is scream. The window is open, I can't smell the food anymore, I'm climbing a wall of orgasm that takes every single point of focus my being has.  
The physical, mental and emotional are gathered into one, a stream of pure ecstasy blasts into the universe. I remember my vow, to give each and every living being bliss and radiate my orgasm to each and every living being.  
Lips swallow my ululations as ploughing pumps drive into me in several hard thrusts. The pain of reaching the roof of my cunt is the paradox of deep, heavy, birth~giving pain, ancient and life giving, emptying your seed into me in gush after gush of thick, globules of spunk.  
The climax perfectly timed, like a planetary alignment. Our post orgasmic eclipse begins. You fall beside me, I take your spunk from inside me and taste as much as four fingers can scoop. Your cum tastes smooth and sweet, the pineapple worked.  
I lay into your side with my thigh over your stomach, your hand on my shoulder, we drift off into an afternoon siesta. When we wake its time for dinner, I dress in soft pink and black, you slip my geisha balls back inside me and tell me to stay wet until tonight, when you'd fill me again with more of your seed.
Written by Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
Author's Note
written for a friend 😘
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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