So, let me respectfully pass on some words of wisdom, not only taught, but from experiences or what I witness, & went through, in this journey of what is call life.  As consider a black woman, I know that MLK's work has not ended, or been dropped, it has been a continue process just going on in the dark. The video of George Floyd's murder, just broke the camelís back. We are given a Band-Aid & a pat on the head too long. Nothing in the books to prevent this from happening again and again. †So excuse me when we say enough is enough. It was I that was chased (as I have stated before) for trying to get a better education from a school out of my community. †It caused me to be rejected from the Whites & my own community too. †During my years of Jr. high, & High School too, a law was being fought for changed opening up the districts to include people of color. †It didnít change the people; they began to protest taking out their anger on the children. †The last 2 years of High School the law was passed, then all Hell broke out towards us children. †We were their enemy just because of color of our skin. †And even then, we had aliens of people with white colored skin. †
Now to address being a person, yes, we are not considered people, the evident shows that we are all the same inside as everyone on the planet, we just have different skin hues & language. I do know that a person of color is not, & still not, considered to be a person by the laws of The USA was composed by the White America. When a child is born, they are naÔve to the color of their skin, or others, they donít get that thought until their environment teach them the difference. In their years of growing, the divide of privilege become bigger & bigger. As years go by, nowadays, itís beginning to blur due to people comingling. Yet still there is few that want to hold on to their privilege with all their might, only thing is they forgot that modern technology has brought what was once separate, right in their living room. Some of their own have decided they want to become apart of what they fear, their privilege will soon share throughout the color spectrum.
To be honest, I am not an African-American, I'm mixed American race. †My generation of family is very distance from our African heritage, only a trace, most of my ancestry trace back to European, Native American, & Asia decent coming from both of my parentsí ancestries. On mother's side, we were not slaves at all, but came from a wealthy dark hue family who was here (not sure if they were from India or South America). Her father came from a Native American tribe (Blackfoot), whose mother had children by a very Dark African. She came from a people who were here originally, & wealthy at that. Our branch of this linage was separated from her original family her because of Great-Great Grandmother's sin of having 2 children by a white American who loved her & his children, but couldn't acknowledge his children made by her. †On my father's side, his mother came into life of a salve (maybe from Africa) & her slave master. His father was a slave. †I'm also a Mother of what's considered color children who are now Colored people of all hues, including my son who could pass a white due to his fatherís hue who could pass as that too, but yet considered Black Americans &/or African-Americans. So, what does that make me, an American or a mutt as they named a mix breed of dogs when the experiment with their species too. †Black, Red, & Yellow skin hues of people Lives does Matter, for I am in all of them, but mostly of the White skin hue, which you canít hardly tell.
As far as the wordís ďcolorĒ, or ďpeople of colorĒ is described as such, in the well-respected Merriam-Webster Dictionary in America since 1828:
col∑or | \ ˈkə-lər
Definition of color (Entry 1)
1a: a phenomenon of light (such as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects
b (1): the aspect of the appearance of objects and light sources that may be described in terms of hue, lightness, and saturation (see SATURATION sense 4) for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources
the changing color of the sky
also: a specific combination of hue, saturation, and lightness or brightness
comes in six colors
(2): a color other than and as contrasted with black, white, or gray
2a: an outward often deceptive show: APPEARANCE
His story has the color of truth.
b: a legal claim to or appearance of a right, authority, or office
c: a pretense offered as justification: PRETEXT
d: an appearance of authenticity: PLAUSIBILITY
lending color to this notion
3: complexion tint:
a: the tint characteristic of good health
Ö sat looking at her with wistful eyes, trying to see signs of hope in the faint color on Beth's cheeks.
ó Louisa May Alcott.........
10: something used to give color: PIGMENT
11: the quality of timbre in music
the color and richness of the cello
*12: skin pigmentation especially other than white characteristic of race
a *person of color.
Copied from:
Iíve not only have I been involved with the movements of the past from being a victim of this injustice of living in this world that says that I am not a human being, nor should I want the education that White children are given. †I came to realize that this countryís Government (USA) lied that was started on the pretense that America was a Melting Pot. But really it was built on greed, money, power of some rich Europeans, & the strength of our backs † No consideration of any other race (color) of people, mostly the race who chose not to come here in the first place.
I don't look at the demands of BLM, MADD, (even KKK) & any other group who protest in a peacefully matter as ridiculous, for isnít that supposed to be the American way? †I only disagree when violence, stealing, destroying, & killing is their theme. For most of the time itís a few outsiders who gets this thing started, or whoís group theme is truly demonic. But then too, if you come dress for a war, a war will start. †Whatever you come together with those who feel oppressed, itís better to sit down & listen to their truth about it. My words are from 61 years of experiences of living in America, & I will stand strong in what I believe, as I have always done & always will. †I was taught (& taught my children too), whether it's in words written, or from opening my mouth, not to disrespect what another says, but agree to disagree respectfully, & be comfortable in your skin, & remember who you truly are. I'm not saying that I, or my family, remember this thought from The Bible, but for the most part we do try to do what we were taught. †We deserve all the privilege of those whoís skin is lighter than ours & bloodline comes from Lilly White.
Itís because of this that I answer the call of action & encourage all people of colors throughout the rainbow to join and stand with your brothers & sisters, to change the world to live in total peace all around the world. †This is my call to action, whatís your answer?
Written by ChynaBay311 (Chyna Williams22)
Author's Note
I was inspired by a response to a comment on of Join The Protest posting. It also includes a portion of a book that I'm writing. It's the truth that I see with my own spiritual, & earthly life's...
I was inspired by a response to a comment on of Join The Protest posting. It also includes a portion of a book that I'm writing. It's the truth that I see with my own spiritual, & earthly life's journey. †Pray it helps others to see a woman's plights of human rights.

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