Rebels Without Any Laws

Defund the police
Even Black Police
Black Only Schools
Only Black Teachers
Only Black Colleges
Only Black Professors
Only Black Churches
Only Black Pastors
Black Only Congregations
Only Black Neighbours
Only Black Sports Teams
Only Black Lives Matter?
Only Black Holes
Only Black Boards
Only Black Toast
Only Black Ice
Only Black Fords
Only Black sheep
Only Black Clouds
Only Black Cats
Only Black Pool Balls
The first stanza makes as much sense as the second
Yet the first stanza is a list of things some BLM leaders want
Have these leaders thought about forming a Black KKK
These idiots are arguing for segregation politics and policies
Do we look forward to Black Supremacists like Black Panthers
Where the use of killing and gratuitous violence is mandated
When does the lynching of Non-Blacks begin with impunity
When did it become ok to assassinate cops of all colours
It's Ironic many whites are supporting the violence and mayhem
Many of the alt-left are giving them succour, Mayors, Councillors
They think that bowing a knee and apologising for their colour
Will save them and keep them protected look at history: It Won't
This has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd or David Dorn
Where are the protests for David Dorn or Patrick Underwood
Two black policemen assassinated, unsung heroes all
This agitation is purely political they want revenge not justice
Hollywood stars are supporting the Marxist led violence
Pop and Rock Stars are supporting the Marxist led violence
Mainstream News is supporting the Marxist led violence
They are morally and politically corrupt and truly dishonest
The way we get justice for all is for everyone to get together,
No exceptions, with mutual love and respect in a dialogue
A respectful dialogue, no violence, no weapons, no hate
Justice for all is not optional but cannot be gained through
the barrel of a gun
N.B. This is an opinion piece only. I am assuming that I am free to hold them in the need for honest debate and free speech.
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
Published | Edited 22nd Jun 2020
Author's Note
David Macleod (c)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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