A Truth

Sometimes the worst parts of ourselves
Are the parts that everyone wants us to reveal
Because everyone wants to feel  
That they are not alone
That what they feel is known, and understood
And that amidst this cacophony †
Of voices telling us to hide it all away †
We stand tall and say †
ďWe are not okay. †
Weíre not alright.Ē †
And as our words take flight †
And grace the ears of those still fighting to hold it all in †
We realize that righting a wrong    
Is sometimes as simple as admitting to a long held secret †
That was never meant to be kept. †
All the while the world slept, †
Keeping secrets we all knew and understood †
But yet feared to reveal †
For fear of making noise or losing poise †
By admitting to the tears that we cried †
Or the times that we tried to end our pain. †
This shame, brittle and immovable as it appears, †
It is not ours. †
It is not ours to take our fears as truth †
And give them ammunition †
To attack our conviction †  
That we are worth fighting for, †
That our words are worth hearing †
That everything we are fearing †
Is not all there is; †
That there is more. †
You are not the sum of your parts †
There is no number to count †
The measure of your heart †  
Or the worth of your mind. †
These are not materials that can be amounted or measured †
But are treasured for their insurmountability. †
So I wonít deny my accountability; †
Iíll hold this to be true and none else †
That it is not wrong to say †
That sometimes the dawn seems far away. †
That doesnít mean itís true, †  
Or that itís what we really believe, †
But sometimes to find reprieve †  
We need to relay how far our minds can stray. †
But so often weíre so scared of how much we need to be heard †
That we donít say anything at all. †
And when the chips begin to fall †
We see how it could have been mended †
If we hadnít just pretended everything was fine †
If we had just crossed that line †
And realized it was okay to admit to being broken, †
That maybe letting ourselves say it †
Would leave the door open for others. †
And maybe that could be our reason to keep going †
Always knowing that this will pass, this will end. †
And if we lend each other the courage to speak up †
Maybe then it will be enough for us to realize this fact: †
That even though we all hear that voice †
Calling out for us to be silent, †
We all have a choice †
Whether or not to be compliant. †
So the next time that voice is holding you back †
From telling someone youíre under attack, †
You turn and you make this decision †
To stand up to your fear and tell it: †
ďI hear you, †
But I donít have to listen.Ē
Written by spacecadet
Published | Edited 12th Jun 2020
Author's Note
This poem may not be structured perfectly; I wrote it to be read aloud as spoken poetry, but Iím too shy to do that. I wrote it because everybody knows that ďIím fineĒ is the most told lie in...
This poem may not be structured perfectly; I wrote it to be read aloud as spoken poetry, but Iím too shy to do that. I wrote it because everybody knows that ďIím fineĒ is the most told lie in history, but that hasnít changed the compulsion we all have to hide what weíre really going through, to bury our true feelings and thoughts and the dark parts of our soul so no one knows how messed up we are. But the truth is, we all know that itís a lie, and yet still we try to hide behind it. Why? If we all know weíre all not okay, why do we still need to hide?
I donít know the answer. I can only tell you Iím not okay, and hope my admission can help you ask for help when you need it, knowing that you are not alone.
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