My mind

A life unfolds
Lost treasures and golds  
The abyss of lost souls  
Hell or heaven who knows  

Past flaws put in pictures  
Grab paint and make mixtures  
An explorer on his adventures  
Common greed and penny pinchers  
A man on his own  
Lost forever and unknown  
One mistake and he will go  
From disappointment he will grow  
The chance of a lifetime  
No time is the right time  
A man in his right mind  
A search for the right kind  
A king begins to battle  
A warrior horse in his saddle  
The stampeding of the cattle  
The duck begins to paddle  
A voice in the darkness  
One bullseye hits the targets  
A rider falls from his harness  
We'll have an ending regardless  
No way to get free  
Your legs will disagree  
A door you will seek  
Your escape is getting bleak  
A soldier sounds the horn  
Young widows cry and mourn  
A fight with just a sword  
No help is coming toward  
Your eyes are getting bigger  
You have your finger on the trigger  
The sour taste so bitter  
Up to bat will come the hitter  
The tribe will now attack  
The recruits will travel back  
The movement's hit a drag  
The play is called and now you zag  
The truth right in front of you  
But so much pain that you'd been through  
The privacy you then intrude  
The result is rather crude  
A lost map and a pirate  
A monarchy and the tyrant  
The policeman and the siren  
The crowd sits and is admirin'  
The bright lights simply vibrant  
The flames doused, a fire hydrant  
A secret kept, completely silent  
An inner fight forever violent  
A world fighting for the top  
A protest will never stop  
One line, connect the dot  
Your dream, your endless thought  
A broken mirror in the frame  
Now the beginning of the game  
A link and start the chain  
The sky cries, and begins the rain  
No love ever easy  
Your stomach feels pretty queasy  
Flip the channel and watch some t.v  
Insert disc, now playing CD  
A story long foretold of  
A journey to forgotten love  
An angel protects you from above  
Now flies the gentle dove
Written by CosiestPrism273 (Jordan Kunkel)
Author's Note
It's long but I had trouble ending the poem.
Hopefully you like it. It could be rap or just a poem.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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