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Secret Garden of Memories (with crimsin)

she whispered eternities under her breath
and in bated anticipation, she waited
before she faded into the ether
days grew long and ever bitter
the winter’s bane, it splintered bone
where sparrows cry and never twitter

on a path of stone and broken hearts
like a gateway to her private hell
spoken poems, like tomes to the dead
demons break into her mind
black clouds rain down on her head
midnight wept for her sorrow
for days when the sun still shined
waiting patiently, she bides her time
in hope for of a brighter tomorrow
still desperately clinging to the past
drinking from the flask of deception
the poisons of a false perception
injected deep into her veins

alas, those little caged birds
so blind to their master’s call
worshipping their plastic gods
in their temple of the insane
all that remains is an empty nest
with no more babies licking at her breast
the man she loved flew the coop
though in her soul she always knew
he must have loved her too
demons still claw into her mind
black smoke chokes the cherry sun
clinging to canary hopes
left hanging by a rope
denied entrance to his sanctuary
lying with the weeping willows
resting quietly on a silken pillow
sleeping with spiderwebs
ominous clouds billow overhead
their love kept forever hidden
dwindling, but never dead
tomorrow exhaled and sighed with relief
for a part of him is always there
tucked away in magic memories
locked in a tragic love affair
never meant to be
Written by NewBeginnings
Author's Note
Another collaborative effort with my friend, crimsin. A work of fiction for anyone concerned :)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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