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F*ck Being a Girl

Fuck being a girl, Iím over this shit
Is there some place    
I can return my uterus? †
that thing is trash, please take it back †  
Secreting hormones †
†that flow through my veins †  
Fucking with my emotions †  
and driving me insane †
I may not have balls but Iím certainly nuts †  
Thereís no other explanation †  
for why I keep wasting my time †  
on worthless men †  
These dumb ass, idiots †  
that would make even †
the scarecrow grateful, †to not have a brain, knowing it was capable, of coming out like that. †  
We all know these men, †  
walking around †  
governed by their little head †  
because there ainít anything of value up top, † †
in their thick caveman skulls. †  
Just living on instinct, †  
incapable of rational thought †
Knock knock, Is anyone home? †
Nope, hollow as fuck. †
These sad pathetic excuses for men †
The liars and cheaters †  
manipulative, game playing whores †
users and abusers † †
Quite frankly, pussies covered in charm †
But I gotta give it to them, †
They sure know how to play †  
some of us women like fiddles... †  
Hiding their true intentions †
Selling us bullshit yet convincing us itís love †
We sit there, wagging our tails †  
begging for more, eating †that shit up †  
like a dog with a †fresh bone. †
And hereís the real kicker †
we see that shit coming from a mile away †  
†but still fall for their tricks †
Itís like a scratched cd †  
where your favorite song skips †  
yet you keep trying to play it †  
hoping that somehow, itís suddenly fixed †
Now thatís a trip †  
Like I said, Iím over this shit. †  
Who knew having a vagina †
†would cause such a mess. †  
Dumb lazy fucks want full access †
but arenít willing to pay †
the full price of admission. †  
Over here bartering and haggling †  
discounted †rates on couture clit †  
But weíre the ones †  
underselling our top shelf pussy, at house rates. †  
No dick has ever been worth all this added stress. †  
Fuck this girly girl bullshit †  
that makes me get all mushy †  
and weak in my knees †  
Making me cry at sappy movies †  
and sing along to love songs †  
Making my heart skip a beat and rapidly flutter †  
or some other sappy ass shit †  
that pulls and tugs at my heart strings. †  
Clearly the heart has to go too †  
Making me soft and weak †
Falling for lies and deceit †  
eyes wide open and mind fully intact †
God damn it, Iím smarter than that †
Yep, you can have it back †  
just call me the tinwoman †  
Or better yet... †
Long live the ice queen!! †
Cold as fuck, taking no shit †  
Living her best life, frozen inside †  
Now thatís where itís at...
Written by Lazy_Dead (.Julia.)
Published | Edited 31st Jul 2020
Author's Note
Iím posting this one for my soul sister on this site... I wasnít going to post it...hope it makes you smile!

This oneís dedicated to my best friend, whom has been saying this with me since we were 14... through every heart break, struggle, and life circumstance, somehow we always come back to this conclusion...she is my anchor. The calm to my crazy and plus, she always cries laughing at my jokes!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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