FROM MY JOURNAL (Expression)

It's Friday  
I woke up today only to discover  
The world is different now  
It changed within days  

It became a deep and dark place  
Somewhat too emotional for many  

Words were scattered and lives  
Were shattered people I knew became  
Broken ,bruised and battered  
I saw my neighbor wearing a T-shirt  
And It read  
When is this public masturbation  
going to stop?  
And why are you afraid of cops?  
I ask?  
They're all just people!!!  
People in a uniform  
See them in their street clothes  
I mean just peep the reflection  
Is this a journey through another epidemic  
out here on these streets  
Are we as a people going to ever come together with love and Unity?  
In our hearts do we care about "HUMANITY"  
Or for 2000 more years we are    
just going to continue this cycle of insanity?  
I feel like we should just form a  
 nationwide cypher  
So everyone can get their feelings off  
There chest in a form of a fire  
The End is Nigh  
The temperature is rising  
on the planet  
And we are burning  
Love/Hate relationships are what's occurring  
And it's just disturbing  
The system are poisonous snakes spitting their venomous gasoline all-over the righteous  
I agree 100 % with the conscious to go Deep within our subconscious  
These kids are in fear to be honest  
We don't even know our own national origins  
They don't even call us "American"  
We are seduced  into thinking we are  
"African Americans " how is that?  
Our skin is Brown not Black  
Where is your kingdom at?  
We were taught lies  
since the beginning of time  
No one is White  
No one is Black  
No one is Yellow  
So why?  
Is this something that we want  
to go on forever  
Being divided because  
of our outer layers  
As a child I had friends who looked different from me  
But they was always friendly and  
treated me like family  
As Adults now we are still close  
on the same block and  
we shop at the same damn stores  
I wish we had no identity just like the entities and the spirits we can't see  
No identification No separation  
We chant and beat drums for REPARATRATIONS!  
We are different just like a pair of Reeboks  
 and Nikes what these shoes have in common is they go on our feet  
If the shoe fits wear it or your racist ass can have several seats!!!!  
I still stand tall throughout all this  
And put my heart in my writing  
I am not intimidated  
by your controlled competitions I know exactly where  
I stand in this position  
You may lable us low quality in these ranks  
But just remember one thing you can't  
tell us how much we think  
You can never categorize my  
Level of intelligence  
 besides the history of yesterday is  
I have a few quick questions???  
If you had a reset button  
Would you press it?  
And stay real or would  
you become counterfeit?  
Let me remind you I am kind of  
Socially Awkward!!  
But just because I give you a little  
Something you should be grateful  
Not hateful  
As a empath I feel you are overzealously  
pressing me and testing my  
I can spit just for the benefit of  
Just saying some SHIT!!!  
I came here because I am just  
Like you  
take it how you want but please respect  
My Truth  
I learned that the social media  
Is nasty place it's a club  
design for cowards  
And sneak dissers  
They won't like your status  
But they will like for you to paint  
them "PICTURES"  
slide inside your inbox trying  
to whisper  
We can be internet friends is what  
they said and I love your hair  
Are those DREADS?  
Yes this is me I can give you a  
full description I'm weighing  
 140 pounds I am deeply rooted  
  to the ground  
I stand 5 ft 6 with gold crowns  
I am down to earth  
Just trying to live my life  
for what it is worth  
Okay it's noon now and time  
to start my day I will be back  
Soon with more things to say  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Published | Edited 7th Jun 2020
Author's Note
Be who you want to be today
Do and say how you feel even if none is listening
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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