It is about to be another "FULL MOON"
A Lunar eclipse

Strap yourselves Up with the Belt of Truth around your hips

Protect your energy and stay focused
Armageddon is getting closer
Take action now if you need closure
Everyone is a odd ball
Because we are all cut from
Different Cloths

It's just the way we were design
Don't be a danger to yourself and mankind

We are the Movement Generation
They want to keep us in a simulation

🗣️Wake Up
🗣️Get Up!
🗣️Stand Up!

Appearing to be

Don't get distracted
And steered in the rear

Stuck off in this
When we try to progress and drive
 we get pulled In reverse

Alot of portals are opening while
You are dreaming and sleeping

 We can go deeper into the Earth's core † † † † † † † †
When you finally wake up you won't sleep no more

The mass media wants to keep
You in a chaotic panic and frantic

To lower your vibrational balance
and take advantage by throwing †
You off course it's up to you and yours

 † † † † † Don't believe the hype
 † † † † † You gotta have hindsight

You don't wanna get pulled into the
Dark clouds you gotta stay above
The smoke mirrors now!!!

If everyone is confuse †then who's going to lead who?

Lead yourself look at the reflection
Can you see Yourself?

We must brake those

Your not thinking straight when your
Mind is irate

Exercise the right to think for yourselves
Conjure the Ancestors and break the spells

Why are they using our organs to be Ghost in a Shell?

Who got the answers to our questions
Nobody wants to tell

The new paradigm is shifting the old one is ending because the world is blending like a mixer

Lives are being chopped up before our eyes like "MOTION PICTURES"

We are the narrators of the scriptures
And the Actors in these chapters

We must Unplug our minds from
Their networks and adapters

We don't need a government they already failed take a look around you
We are in a "LIVING HELL"

The hell in which they have created
Can't you see they want Us all separated

Alot of us were already prepare
Cause we got POWERS and we ain't

Keep your mouth closed and your chakras open so when the STORM 🌬️
starts blowing You won't get Frozen

Stay focused & keep your head to the sky remain optimistic and believe you can FLY 🕊️

Snap out "THIS MATRIX " Because ignorance Is bliss
you gotta make time to elevate consciousness

These Agents want us to socially dis
Because they know without each other
We are hopeless and †powerless

They're not going to be able to control US all we need to shut off 5G towers
& Knock down that wall

Stop rioting and distroying what your Family built stay in your homes
Before you get killed

How many "MOORISH" peoples blood have to spill?

When are we going to wake up to the

This is all a test
Some of you all are lab rats
Ask yourself Who's the Best?
Some of you all cannot answer that

You just go with the flow in
the concrete jungle
But sooner than later
 it's gonna take you under

 Before the flood comes

Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Author's Note
Mind control can be a distruction to your soul and have you lost in the sauce.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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