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But Officer, I Do Not Like Green Eggs And Ham

An equatorial line wrapping around our world,
Plots of sand and dirt between the parts of our Earth,
An atmosphere compromised of individual layers,
Many millions of humans and the few that rule them,

Take your hand out and let us keep our mouth shut,
What we do we don't talk about, not on television,
Vengeance in the sentence of our shadow of doubts,
Aloud to be outside at night in my menaced mind,

Fireworks bricks bottles a black debris rainbow,
At the end of it you will find me, the same old enemy,
I saw a cop yesterday who looked like he could not wait,
To beat the shit out of me when I showed him my dick,

Stick to what you know with a gun held to my own head,
How do you plan to help me with my great big problem,
Shaking fingers caress the steady piece of metal,
You say behave and get in line but I'd rather blow my brains,

You can not work it out with me there's been too many,
Times, predicting what I will do next, lacking the spine,
There is probably a big box of files red flagged on mine,
Fuck your psychoanalysis trying to stick me into diagnosis,

I see it on the news, telling you how you should perceive,
Pushing corporate agendas that we are in this together,
Whether you make minimum wage living out your car,
Or some ceo asshole sipping mimosas on a balcony,

It is all fine with me I have everything I could ever want,
A man like me finds pleasures in the simple things,
Singing these songs bringing us to the end of this place,
Where the master race falls to what we've been living with,

So when they feel miserably hopeless will they remember us,
When they significantly suffer will we all be watching in real time,
Not in the background they place us in but right in their face,
Safe and protected never asked us how we felt or thought,

The war of the poor we all die like we are supposed to,
Not going down without my fist up and a bandana on,
Just pawns in your money schemes but we are checking you,
You can't hide behind your pretentiousness crossing this line.
Written by glfinding (Steven Delauder)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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