WOLVES & SHEEP By Wise Conscious

       Wolves and Sheep     
I was born a Black  Sheep  
into a wolf family                 

I don't wear wolves clothing  
i am one of the chosen  
the truth is revealing and exposing  
you can look a Wolf in his  eyes and see the disguise  
the greatest trick is to hide  
he wants blood and money of course  
everything you got to give from a stranger to a relative  
dressing up like ya GrandMa in her night gowns and pajamas  
 baking you  some delicious cookies and kill you with the hammer  
A place called home is now a slaughterhouse
 there is only one way in and one way out the "Trap"  
I've tried to disapear but, I've learned you gotta be a magician to know how do that  
So I opened my mouth a spit out a Rap, as above so below  
hands folded  in my lap lies a Pen and Pad behind my head when I take a nap  
just in case the wolves tryna sneak me in my sleep i’m counting on sheep while they are  watching over me  
 the plan gets deep so deep i get lifted off of my feet
 I had to learned how the cook so the wolves could eat
 it was the only way I could protect me and my family...
 It took a lot of courage to get to this state I awoke today & decided to escape  
no looking back no stalling and hesitates just walking with my head turned to the wolves face  
showing no fear....
 Because I have a lot of faith ye  though I Live in the  realm of the wraiths  
The wolves will laugh & say its the planet of the apes  
Choose your weapons wisely and be sure to bring your restraints  
when entering the hunger games starving for fortune and fame can give the worst hunger pains
 I'm unpopular and yet I still maintain looking over the horizon and vibin  
standing on top of waterfalls bout to dive in deep to swim my time is water-resistant flows are spoken into existence  
Iam  giving birth to my own experience teaching a child equality is a dangerous philosophy  
And words ain't shit if you don't back it up with actions
 my friends are like fractions less or greater numerator × denominator =a hater  
they are willing to kill their own don't trust anyone life is a purge everybody got guns it's been a war on these streets
 in they pockets they carry treats but ain't shit sweet when I get to the suit  my phone in airplane mode
 for the Wolves who dressed up in those hotel clothes
 I trust none and that's real spit though counting alot of sheep and they still don't add up
 I keep on having to subtract and that's bad luck collecting the elite and convicting the weak  
 who are the Wolves and whom are these Sheep?
     Which side are you on?
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Author's Note
I've learned that when you are feeding someone from a long handle spoon it can make them appreciate your cooking.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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