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Cosmic Lust

This narrative is solely based on observation of cosmic lust. The feeling one would take their last breath for, swear in the Godís name for, and in some instances, kill for.
The say the mind is such a powerful catalyst when it is denied its basic animalistic instincts, the taste of Nirvana state of euphoric. † †
† †
However, when the face of lust consumes the endorphins of our mind, common sense tends to flee us, leaving the mind in a catatonic state of existence. † †  
† †
Then comes the those dancing butterflies felt, for that special scent only you can sniff out, the heartís echoing beats of that person found in in sync, that one person who you can identify without sight, the personís body chemistry, if it was cologne, your body will market it. † †
† †
The magnetic scent of seduction that lures that personís pheromones, the sweetest dizzy feeling with the hunger that must be completed, at times even if it goes against the grains of sanity, that giddiness flowing through your bloodstreams as if you two have a secret, your minds are the only ones who can unlock. †  
† †
The boundaries of the heart are limitless your two heads are above the clouds as discontent rings below. † †
† †
Mm.. the sexual desires, getting satisfied, the moans behind the urges. †  
† †
Relatively speaking, lust, the sacred price of humanity. It memorizes us all, it captures the heart, and then tenderly strikes the will of the mind, a sure stand in for, money, fame, an addiction that brings pure satisfaction, instant gratification. †  
† †
The phone call finally ended.. but darn my thong was wet, and my nipples were hard.. thank goodness for a purse size dildo, and KY warming gel..mmm
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Just something I was thinking while conference calling with my CEO in Seattle, he likes to hear himself talk so I as writing this while listening to his smooth baritone voice

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