Adventures In Copy And Paste II.

Imagery Poems (From Group Play)


It was right there on the tip of his tongue
kissing lemon with some little tart
a stone pathway, pushcart town 
awaiting strawberry festival 

juicy and succulent drips mix in pitcher 
cool of ice lavished with suckle 
so sweet She is dribbling my chin 
this my friend, tis a wonderful lil town  


Shots rang out coupled by whistle of flight 
foxholes din and all her men scream bloody murder 
between the crackles of short-wave radio 
stukas dive taking another pass scrapes and crash of lonely metal 

A parachute launch flips as fabric flaps in the wind 
shake of teeth rattles an army man shivering in skin 
hoorays and distant cheers wave by the thousand 
Taps of too many men silenced, marches the beating heart  


 She lit her candle feeling the warmth 
the breath of a lover brushed against the pimples, rising to her skin. 
walking back the hallway her hand rubbed against the rough surface. 
She had repainted and the grooves bit back into soft hands 

Her candle blew out and she reached forward feeling the empty air for something familiar. 
A hook on a door surprised her, jabbing its cold curved metal into her. 
Oddly the door was warm, she loved the grooves that moved in a straight line, scratching her clothes fabric 
the soft clothes she wore matched the fluffiness of her bed linen, de-robing she climbed into plush texture.


Scents of lavender mix with jasmine slow blown to morning breeze 
waves waft across the nostril 
layered perfumes trace living fragrance 

an essence fills every room, light with incense 
falling into to engulf 
for another dimension that pools to ones lung 
breathing in, breathing out I immerse


Eye-line to sky-line, a range from veranda pitch 
what craggy formations smooth with painters finger 
tall grasses green and gold sway with breeze 
my sigh and open-iris shrinks in the sun 

trails twist mountain-side 
wrapping its snake across and down riverside 
as blue lapping waters wave and say hello 
another line drawn coaxing in hugs  


She woke wide-eyed aware another day envisioned already 
all was planned and She could see it 
detailed nuances flit eye-line 

Iris and brown flecking green 
Her dress flowed with vibrancy 
the colors deep as the sea 
set to sail the aye's have it


Whisper to my ear Darlin' 
tell me with it how You feel 
warm tones pass betwixt breath 
hotter from mobile tongue 

those purple'd waves wanting 
two tones shared with tips of toes 
wrap thyselves in shadow, flickering light 
candle and heightened senses 


Sounds of early song birds breath and peace fly by window 
brown and white flight in flap 
from shadow to sunshine again 

Chirps to squawks puffed chest 
strut of the scratch digging back 
I hear the warble defining comfort 
as settle down witnessed sublime


Light flooding iris, birds chirping ear 
a breeze kissed to face 
much I hold dear 
I await the mushroom comb 

this hour ahead brings spring 
I sigh relief here , lingered on the edge of Winter 
to Tulip and Primrose glow 
they come along giving peace  


Sunshine to shoulders, golden nectar warmth of Mother, Love of son 
fold me in Your blanket 
safe within the womb of security 

Hillside shines, frail Winter grasses glowing gold 
swell with petal grow and green 
turning blackberry true 
envelopes of inspire


Baby Blue head to head rubs inner-self entwined blending love 
lap acts minute to hr devoted 
we of the cuddle cradle one another 

Baby, sweet companion mine 
my stalwart divine lean to me 
green-eyed delight how well You smile 
my Love, knowingly in absolute depth


Mumbles and chirps, growls in low The Great Repeater Rising , speaking ease 
will tell You everything...just so You know 
attention focused routine, absolute, mumble more 

Wrapped within each others wandering gaze 
green plays in wonderment sparkle and flash 
soft plush prod and pull, stroking fur 
a caress un-denied crooked under arm


Rows of sprawling flowers direct hidden paths
spun soft, hidden on spiraled dreams
cocoons of wrap raise the reddish bud
green stalks tine to breathless expanse

Wandering within this field of glow
scoops of sun-drops are gathered
a pocket filled, a shape for forever
given deliverance, safe in the garden


Dreaming #3

Resting within cosmos and star-stuff
Serpens back door winds open
white-eyed pathways dot the heavens gait
clouds of creation unfold billowing magic

Epidermal significance from the giving womb
covers its grasp and closes ...
the reach of deity pouring forth expands
dreary man in buffet, weightless and contained


Touchstones, illuminate with warmth
hearkening back, we've reminisced again
loss amongst hopes, dreams upon despair
tear at the fabric, frayed at all sides

Are You dressed for this occasion
fitted for the outdoors, given over to glove
remembrance then to once kissing glass
as we dance together amid the chaos


Thunder breaks along a sea-side town
delivering message in ominous tone
as rock-slides are triggered, crumbling down chip by chip
glare from above flashes in succession, striking fear

soot to Your tongue settles to taste-bud coal
blackened flesh streamed in myriad line tattoo
a red bloodied gash with offerings to every witnessed door

..............weary traveler entrance denied swallowing more


Pale blue skies dressing down
ready in Winter push to white
sewing slow gentle snowflake
in icy designs piling high again

tufts expand billows to ground
I in glove surrounded soft stillness
smile at the dark cloud passing by
more snow falling, tongue out, eyes closed


Houses dotting hills,overlook the valley
arcs of roofs meander over one another
spilling into night-lines that shadow every movement
bats shake themselves loose, turning ethereal

Pinprick stars wink with smile, gentle laughter
those purple'd nights spreading the veil thin
soft glows spiral, lit along descending earth
wearing wishes, tied tight to infinite dream


Shifting land cracks open, exposing magma
as a heart beats fast with sadness
cries for innocence lost, screamed from cliff-side
as eyes disbelieve human truths, animal honesty

Worlds crumble left without leaders
whispering lost secrets upon white whiskers
we huddle with warmth in yesterdays steps
as your eyes and mine connect, owning each other


We have fallen behind, You and I
looking ahead and trying to catch up
Your eyes are squinted sharing sun
my eyes stay closed not seeing a one

Will of reach, distant distance gathering in
Mark the underlying depth along the way
salted lakes red-rim ridges begging amnesty
The Lake Of Blue cast Beautiful within that setting sun


Lain under frond and leaf
Her eyes find tops of trees
above there somewhere amidst the blue
She knows a spirit lingers

shadows find their way
pieces of hearth and home
brought to ones needed breast
She smiles awaiting his eventual call


Sails billow in morning sun
catching speed as distant dots
seaside observers poised with camera
caricature painters littered fanfare

Moisture and salt mix to air
wound pleasant, inviting, cotton-candy fare
water laps, soothing the bent ear
seagulls search from blue skies, food & pier


Rows of golden fields line hillsides
as flowers lay open in full bloom
trees from nearby reach with crooked limb
another butterfly floating by kisses blue

A mountain wound by endless color
poised in greatness driven and tall
drifts of cloud and flowing waterfall
depth of blue, bottom billowing smoke


Wild-eyed lions prowl empty-eyed clowns
drunk on wine lost in sad thought
the tent folds falling down smells of popcorn
claws tear to ribbons funny face and Steven

Screams of children gasps of parents, absolute fear
a roar among the many, dug in nails rips into flesh
tent folds, wagon wheels and wax, halos of fire burning fast
acrobats eaten cotton candy decision and funnel cake, padded paws slipping away


Streetlights burn in a quiet town, producing endless shadow
buggy's with wooden wheels echo clicking on by
cobblestones stretch for a country mile, side-streets of brick
two-story stone buildings, grey slabs cemented together

The town breathes slow, offering up mist
as nostalgia whispers calm into Your ear
candles to windows invite one in
a wreath to wood and three knocks upon door


Sunlight cleansed an open sill
no filter, no haze, succulent warmth awash in savory
particles sail direct yellow beams
ours is soaked, skin and hair

Twilight giving's lay the fawn glisten to flowers
lone eyes of wilderness bright with wonder, shine
my sense of calm controlled by lilted leaf and apple blossom
earthen smoke wisp between trees, the far off cries, approaching deer


Polar eyes crushing hopeful spirits
vile tongue whips out with lash
sullen wilt the sunken man, surrenders
all alone now in heartache a man laughs

Stretching smiles dagger'd like teeth
his blunt instrument voiced once again
sheepish demeanor of shrinking man
shakes and quivers crying then, giving up


Olive hid her crying eyes
silver tears fall into feathered pillows
gripped imprints will, spirit and strength
still gut-punch everyday, soaking into cotton fabric

Dreams now shake her awake lately
as rusted bones ache worse within worry
the ornamental clock ticking, signals its witness
She wonders of distance, yet memories...they stay vivid



Peaceful glides across memories lake
silver crystal sparkles under a golden sun
waves lap splashing outer banks, spray on tongue
wooden oar rowing forward and backward, trickle tiny drips

I reach out seeking a moments hold
crisp swallows plunge kiss thy offered hand
ancient mariners woe and glee, simplicity simple lake
a once large ocean, now gone, paddle, glide & row


Whispered blades slice hillsides
black omens skimming treetops
mid-day to midnight ominous whirl
closing, indoors, one world governance, 1984

Subtle hindrance, gradual lock-down, population, control
my eyes at the east theirs to west, we blend together
songs of the populace, silent, indoors, tv's blare
consume door to door, no shops, no freedoms, no more



Lists of ones claim to innocence
bore shabby, stale and dry of pen
the man looked wild, his loincloth ripped, darting the eyes
black streaks from coal dust imprinted his skin

Guilt, read upon an insane face
somber verdicts, howls from the crowd
he knew nothing yet starvation, soon to be loaded on
they in armor, he by shackle, drug away, deep within castle



White Dogwoods edge to Elm
as I breathe in crisp cool air
the rustle comes from last year leaves
squirrels play chase, my gentle gait

Necks stretched above evening grass
eight shadowed heads sparkle twice the diamond
I whisper out with love, hello & security
my company comes lain by dusk, hoof & moon


River Bottom

Peer wide-eyed with wonder
follow edges to finger-smoothed blemish trees
far hills paint of green
no flaw Monet', far as eye can see

Indulgence along this river bank
laps toward my direction
stone temple'd bridges broken in distance
no trains travel anymore


Basket Weave

Wheat, golden rows swaying wind
crab-apple trees, black raspberries and green beans
once my summer comes offering, baskets fill
lined with kitchen fabric, wicker handles, laughter

Slanted foot-falls traipsing hillsides
sweets given in forest bounty
fill ones soul, bellies with joy
from seed to secure, we swallow


Utter Somethings

Stain upon fingers quill and ink
my black lines filling in, semi-circle
digits with dots stipple as scribbling
mans paper beholden, aged deliverance

Words collected mind-meld and hazel eyes
as just another scour pad, mornings clean breeze
were it not for ponder I'd be lost and blank
whispering utterance again and again, pen please


Spring Feeding

Yardlings press on soften wet grasses
carpet of comfort, graze with apple and seed
thine eyes to mine brown and deep, titter round table
wrapped by trusts love, respect and place

Songbirds glow, tilt in curiosity
observe the fallen dried fruits
securing place and dominance
til the mourning doves coo in


Concrete Jungle

Dismal dwellings often grey
litter the city quick and decay
black thoughts fill inner-walls
darkening eyes with sedentary thoughts

Dust travels plumes that reach
across the street and down his cage
no windows open still it pervades
the crumbling concrete jungle disintegrates


Prayers To Sun

Glitter eminence warm to wrapped
flows golden down along shoulder
whilst the winds blow gentle breeze
green leaves wave then repose

Mayflower rising, morel meander
kiss of coming butterfly
riding softened wind
twist of reddish vine


Curls Of Craggy Night

Black forests deep and hollow dissonance
craggy arms, knots that carry faces
moon jewels with crystal eminence, drip
loneliest of howls guttural in nature

Oiled ink streams creak in whispers
tongues from natives who stay hidden
twist their heads for night-time rabbits
the echoes wile solitary, shaken bramble bush


Morning Gold

Glitter to brick under sunlit alleyways
the taste of cinnamon tickling nose
Jack had breads as Rose had raisins
in such lips no deny of smile

Aromatic flowers kissed by morning rain
offer indulgence smelling their color
frayed ribbons and dyed textiles, orange then tinge
flags for parks, shop and inns


Cold Feelings

Tips of icebergs shatter like glass
falling down smashed, broke into ocean
white and blue stars congregate
glimpsed by mirrored pool

Fjord landscapes risen in rock
dare to drip with dagger'd teeth
blot of hillside barren and black
the trees grown cold, stone to petrify


Worn to ear she had heard every word
berate the back to her nape of neck
Iris's eye made not one look aside
dead-locked cornea to pupil

Tasting just what stuff he was made of
her tongue caught bits of filament
his tint simply smothered with Ruby's red
she said he smelled awful


Scavenger Of Human Sorrow

Down at the cross-roads
strolled 'ol scratch in sulfur
smelling ripe as peach in summertime
alight by flicker touch of flame

What was buried brought to surface
piece of me and what of you he asks
a time of rights made wrong yet aged
smote over the oven blackened char


Short Term Memory

Golden pears under weeping willows
dappled with dripping honey
the news comes quick, burning ears
how had the age already carried a stench

I had been burned, the flesh knew
turned over salt shakers, slugs of glass
with this instant pitch of reddened welts
there was the walk until there isn't

Written by souladareatease
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