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It is over.
I am done with you.
In so many ways.
You lied to me
You hurt me
You wasted all my days.
No calls and no shows.
You broke promises and my heart.
I still forgave you every time
I thought our love was off the chart.
But I was played
Like a record
Over and over again.
Now that I think of it
You hurt me so many times
I guess you were never even really my friend.
Cuz with a friend like you
Who needs enemies?
Who needs all the grief?
You gave me your heart when it was convenient for you
But your love was fleeting
It was brief.
You took time away from my daughter
And it never even crossed your mind
Well I’m done wasting nights away from her with you.
I’m not gonna leave my child behind.
You shut me out
You ghost me
Then you call like everything’s ok
Well it’s not
You fucked up, bro.
But that’s cool
See, I ain’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.
You probably got your car fixed
So you don’t need me anymore.
Don’t be surprised when you come knocking
And I don’t answer my door.
I’m done being your 7-11.
Open all fucking night.
It’s your turn to be without me.
And you know what, it serves you right.
I won’t reply to your messages
Now you can see how it feels
You think you can run game on me
Shit, you think you got skills?
Hahaha you’re old, son.
You’re a has-been.
That never was.
You can keep your old skanky meth-whore “friend.“
If that’s what you want, go get her, cuz.
I was always out of your league.
I deserve better than you.
Of all the times I’ve said it
This time I mean it
I’m. Done. Slummin.
Written by Sarastotle (Sara E Spivey)
Author's Note
A person can only take so much indifference and neglect. And I couldn’t love enough for the both of us. And he couldn’t love at all..........
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