The Lost Solace

He adourns his face with a veil of confidence, collectedness and content.  

Everyone who knows him praises his successes and a will that is unbent.  

The tattered shroud of pride upon his shoulders, threadbare with years of hidden anguish, jaded.  

Outwardly itís suit made of the finest fabrics but like the empororer he feels naked  

like a lottery ticket, you purchase, scratch the surface and what you unearth is Öfailure  

Like an Amazonian king he has it all, but to what cost  

His heart is like a vagrant in search of what he has lost,  

an incomplete jigsaw he just wants to be whole again,  

Again and again he feels the disdain, in his veins, who can he blame but himself he just wants it to rain to wash the pain.  

But why do you feel this way?  

A single glance was the start, She was a work of art,  

The Sistine chapel, Eve without the apple  

She was mona lisa, heíd do anything to please her  

She was Aphrodite. †he talk to her daily and nightly.  

Yin and yang, she bought light to his darklife, she bought peace to his chaos, she bought him beauty when he was unsightly.  

But what happened?  

We pursue the treasures of this world swashbucklers, pirates.  

forgetting those who made us who we are, loved ones, defiance.  

Blinded by the whims of the dunya pillaging its rewards, plunder.  

I wonder if that was the blunder that led us asunder.  

He raise his hands and goes to prays but all he can say, at the end of the day is her name.  

Why? Ask for something meaningful, for something you need, hell, just ask for fame.  

I feel like im going insane!  

She cant mean that much to you, you let her go!  

She means the world to me I just wish I could let her know, I should cut off my ear and send it to her like Van Gogh.  

Snap out of it it bro!  

I decree to thee, that are blind but can see, to grasp those moments in life that could be, Donít be me the absentee who could not foresee that we were ment  to be.  

I seek the valley of solace, but it is nowhere to be found,descending into the doldrums, meandering around, from the back ground to the foreground, northbound and southbound, chasing the proverbial rabbit like a greyhound, I realise something profound that I must expound. †For solace to be found, I must get of this perpetual merry go round, put my head on the ground and accept that only god can turn this around.
Written by HopefulSwag
Author's Note
This is my first ever attempt at a spoken word poem (well, it's my first ever poem I have written for that matter), I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to critique it and give advice on any improvements. :)

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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